Cthulhu Gloom Story Cards - Do dead characters count for req

When I was playing I had 2 characters with Moon Madness symbol and claimed a story card. Later one of my characters was killed off so I only had 1 moon. I know I can keep the card once I have it, but the other person playing with me had 2 living characters with the Moon Madness symbols.

So do dead characters count for the requirements of the story card? In my situation my opponent had 2 living characters with Moon Madness and I had 1 dead and 1 living character with Moon Madness. Would they need 2 or 3 Moon Madness symbols to claim my story card?

Thank you for the help!

if my reading of the rules is correct, the other player can claim the story card, in order for you to keep it youll need another matching symbol or more.
Happy to be corrected if im wrong, but that my interpretation.