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Your mission, whether or not you choose to accept it...

Insane Assignment: The good - You won't have to pay taxes next year. The bad - The world is going to end. The ugly - You have to make sure that everyone was right. And I mean everyone. There are at least as many armageddons as there are religions, and quite a few more to boot. How are you going to make them all happen?

Unstable Elements:
Vampire Fangs
Candy Corn

Since I think you already have the idea of how this works, you have until next week to post your apocalypses. Beyond that point, we can assume that it already happened, because November 7th is obviously doomsday.

So, we take all the Halloween gear in the entire world, and pile it all up in South Dakota, then set it on fire on Halloween night ... fangs, pumpkins, candy, gauze, brooms, EVERYTHING! This is sure to tork off the creatures of the night who have been held at bay for centuries by the distractions we normally provide on that night, who will then wreak vengeance upon the earth. As you know, the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead overlap on Halloween, so the dead will come back to life and cause havoc, as well. And the skies will rain toxic soot and ash from the raging plastic-fueled fire for years to come.

I would present one word of caution, however ... as much as armageddon might appeal, remember that it's not much fun ruling a smoking cinder of a barren planet, and there's also the issue of surviving the apocalypse ourselves. Planetary destruction should only be considered if world domination by other means fails first!

Hrrrrrm. I see that my colleauge has come up with an inventive solution, but I am, as some people are aware, the spitting image of Christopher Reeve, and so, inspired by him in "Superman", I feel that perhaps we can, with a more cautious approach, have the necessary numer of armageddons, apocalypses, and doomsdays.

Definitively, the term "armageddon" refers to a single religion. It requires a battle at the Mountain of Meddigo, and there is no mountain of Meddigo in South Dakota, where Michelle's plan takes place, thus she fails the gold acid test of this question, which is that the Christians, along with everyone else need to be correct. No Battle of Meddigo, no Armageddon.

Unfortunately there is no mountain of Meddigo in Meddigo either, so while working on the rest of the business, I feel it will be necessary to work from a base constructed on top of a mountain of candied corn in downtown Syria. From this secret base, I will use the vampire teeth to make myself one of the immortal undead, and will then use my own vampire teeth to make a race of immortal servitors.

Now, we note that the terms "doomsday" and "apocalypse" are both quite promising words for a mad scientist. They literally mean "fated day" and "the lifting of the veil" (or gauze, technically). I see that my colleague, in calling up the Ancient Horrors, is keeping with the spirit of this, but we require a greater and more exquiite degree of control.

So, we take an enormous number of brooms, which fly of course, becauser they are witch's brooms, and following the precedent set by the Last Son of Krypton, we spin the planet backwards, throwing my servants and myself (on the brooms) into the distant past. I, with my servitors, then recruit all of the people required for the Christian apocalypse. For example we turn up to Michelle's ritual in Dakota an see what happens when she burns our explosive pumpkins...oh the fun we'll have. Then we have the Christian apocalypse.

Then, and here is the tricky and recursive bit, we go back in time -again-, and this time we do the Msulim apocaylpse. Once that is done, we do the Hindu apocalypse. And so on. This is why it was necessary to make myself immortal before. You might have thought that it was just because I look smashing in a tuxedo with an opera cape, and you'd be right about that, but no, it was all part of my cunning plan to give me an eternity to do the apocalypses -one after the other- from my perspective and yet -all at once- from everyone else's.

Afgter we have completed the assignment, we then go back in time again, and we find the big silver reset button. This allows us to have a planet to stand on, after all the fun of multiple days of doom.

Now we see the source of this illustrious writing career.

While I definitely appreciate the idea of causing the apocalypses by cheesing off horrors from the great beyond (insert Giles quote about Hallowe'en being 'tacky' here), using time travel to go through and get it right every time... not to mention having a home to go back to afterwards... seems a lot more thorough.

Interesting how much the format changes the play.
Far more material can fit into a post than a thirty-second spiel.
More prospective victims students should stop by.