Cumulative Attunements of talisman?

Hi everybody,

i'm designing my first talisman [for now a dagger done in human bone].

I was asking myself if attunements are cumulative.

human bone = +4 destroy human body
dagger = +3 assassination.

Give it a +4 to a killing PeCo spell or +7?


Answer : thanks.
But can you quote your source :slight_smile:

the rulebook. take the time yourself to find the line.

+4 if your magic theory is 4 or higher ... if I recall correctly
i.e. bonuses are not cummulative and are limited my magic theory. (Don't have the RAW at hand)


i have read twice times the talisman section and i haven't seen neitheir the MT limit or the not cumulative assumption...

That's why the question...
If it was just a matter of reading, i would have found the answer, but it seems some sort of line my eyes can't catch :slight_smile: . It's my blind zone, :stuck_out_tongue:

Page 98. "Bonuses from attunements only apply when the magus is touching the talisman and only the highest bonus applies."

Which does imply that this is independent of the cap on the bonus to your labtotal from S&M bonuses by Magic Theory, so even an MT 2 magus could still get his +4 bonus.

THank you!

Oh dont cry too much over that, it happens dreadfully often.
Some things manage to avoid the eyes of a half dozen people for years. Quite amazing.

Its a conspiracy i tell ya! :smiling_imp:


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