Current covenent spell list

So, I went through and tallied up everyone's spell lists - remarkably enough, we've only got 1 duplicate; the ever-popular "Whispers through the Black Gate". And the winner by a country mile in terms of "most popular form" is of course Vim.

Image of the Beast (InAn 5)

Cloak of the Duck's Feathers (ReAq 5)
Comfort of the Drenched Traveler (PeAq 5)

Awaken the Slumbering Corpse (ReCo 25)
Charm Against Putrefaction (CrCo 10)
Lifting the Dangling Puppet (ReCo 15)
Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh (InCo 10)
Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hand (ReCo 5)
The Chirurgeon's Healing Touch (CrCo 20)
The Inexorable Search (InCo 20)
Whispers Through the Black Gate (InCo 15)
Whispers Through the Black Gate (InCo 15, Me)

Palm of Flame (CrIg 5)
Pilum of Fire (CrIg 20)
The Dying Light - (Creo Ig 5)
Winter's Icy Touch (PeIg 10)

Discern the Images of Truth and Falsehood (InIm 20)
Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15)
Phantasm of the Human Form (sight) (CrIm 30)
Silence of the Smothered Sound (eye) (PeIm 15)
Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm 10)
Veil of Invisibility (PeIm 20)
Summoning the Distant Image (InIm 25)

Call to Slumber - (ReMe - 15)
Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie (InMe 20)
Loss of But a Moment's Memory (PeMe 15)
The Call to Slumber (ReMe 10)
Words of the Unbroken Silence (CrMe 10)

Aegis of the Hearth (ReVi - 20)
Breath of Mundane Silence (PeVi 15)
Circular Ward Against Demons - (ReVi - 10)
Circular Ward against Dragons (ReVi 25)
Command Airy Spirit of Magic (ReVi 15)
Dragon's Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 10)
Ear of the Maga - (InVi - 10)
Eject Vis - (ReVi - 15)
Erasing the Unholy Name - (PeVi - 5)
Fumigation of the Righteous - (PeVi - 5)
Hear the Witch-Bell Chimes (InVi 35)
Last Resort of the Cornered Maga - (CreoVi - 10)
Maintain the Dying Light - (ReVi - 15)
Mutate the Useless Grog - (CreoVi 10)
Sense of the Lingering Magic (InVi 30)
Summon Airy Spirit of Magic (ReVi 20)
View the Song of Magical Power (InVi 15)

Anyway, the reason I did this was to try and figure out what spells would be good to get at Tribunal; based on the "list of crazy-useful spells every covenant should have", we've actually got most of them covered.


I would recommend the following spells from that list, modified slightly for the Covenent's spell levels (and seeming love-fest with Vim) - (* indicates that it has already been purchased by St. Avery):

Strongly Recommended spells for the Covenent
*Aura of Ennobled Presence (MuIm 10)
*Aura of Rightful Authority (ReMe 20)
Bind Wounds (CrCo 10)
*Gather the Essence of the Beast (ReVi 15) - we've got variations, but not the exact one.
*Piercing the Faerie Veil (InVi 20)
*Piercing the Magical Veil (InVi 20)
Purification of the Festering Wounds (CrCo 20)
Wizard's Communion (ReVi 20) - bumped up to 20 because we seem to like Vim a lot, so it should be easier.
180 spell levels

Spells St. Avery would like to get
*Maintain the Demanding Spell (ReVi 40: base Effect 35, D:Sun)
*Circle of Rapid Recovery (CrCo 30: Base Effect +18 to heal; +1 Touch, +2 Circle/Ring)
*Flight of the Mystic Obelisk (labtext for flying slab enchantment; ReTe 25)
*Stone-Cutting Knife (ReTe 15 - Covenents, pg. 52)
The Enchanted Porter (ReTe 15 - Covenents, pg. 52)
Ever-Full Grainery (CrHe 20, ritual - creates lots of grain/fruit/vegetables/nuts)

Secondary on the list (nice to have, but he can create on his own if he has to)
Circular ward against Faries (ReVi 25)
*Circular Ward against Demons (ReVe25)
*Transform the Mystic Ward (MuVi 30 - changes circular vim wards to Hermetic wards (ie, Circle/Ring to Individual/Day; +1 complexity)
*Intangible Tunnel lvl 25 (Base Effect 25, Arcane range +4)

Tertiary (Nice to have, but not really necessary)
CloudKill (MuAu(Re) 5; Damage +1, Touch +1, Conc +1; +1 size, +1 to move the cloud) - creates cloud of toxic gas that does d10+1 damage per round for anyone who breathes it in; the magi can control the eddies and whorls of the cloud, thus keeping it away from those who may wish to breathe. This is for "when you abostively, posilutely have to kill everyone in that crusader army over there".

Summon little black raincloud (CrAu base effect 2; Touch+1, Conc +1) Summons a single raincloud. Perfectly ordinary on its own.

Palm of Lightning 20 (CrAu base Effect 5, +2 Group, +1 Touch) - completely useless on its own, unless the caster is inside a convienent raincloud, or else uses an Intangible Tunnel to reach into a convenient raincloud to cast it there.

OK - based on the assumption that St. Avery has 3 each of the following spells to trade:

Listen to the Witch-bell chimes (35)
Circular Ward vs. Dragons (25)
Summon Airy Spirit of Magic (20)
Dragon's Eternal Oblivion (10)

I'd like him to get the following spells at Tribunal:
40 Maintain the Demanding Spell (lvl 35, +2 day)
35 Leap of Homecoming
35 Wizard's Vim Boost (MuVi 35)

25 Intangible Tunnel
25 Flight of the Mystic Obelisk
25 Circular ward vs. Demons

20 Piercing the Farie Veil
20 Piercing the Magic Veil
20 Aura of Rightful Authority

10 Aura of Enobled Presence
15 Ward against Flames
5 Chamber of Spring Breezes

Note that I'm doing a bit of horse trading: I've got a lvl 15 and a lvl 5 being traded for 2 lvl 10's - I'm assuming that cancels out, somehow.
Also note that I'm seeking to trade a lvl 35 for a lvl 40; I'm assuming that I can find a ReVi expert who is willing to trade an Intangible Tunnel for an InVi that fits that Intangible Tunnel really, really well - plus a pawn of vis, if I can make that deal with one of the magi in the covenant who HAS vis at the moment...

Anyway - St. Avery's spent 270 (his own copies, plus 2x of each) of the available 450 spell-level copies. As such, there are 180 left, if anyone wants to use them for their own magi's use.

Cornelius wouldn't publicize that he knows this spell. As per HoH:TL p.70, it is one of those spells that are "classed among the magical secrets of House Guernicus; they are clearly marked as such and by Grand Tribunal rulings it is a low crime for a non-Quaesitor to read them (see Sanctum Law insert)."

On the other hand, during Summer 1220 he invented the spell View the Song of Magical Power (InVi 15) to detect magical auras. This can be added to the list.

As for additional spells that Cornelius would feel are useful for the covenant, here is my list:
A Day's Worth of Spinning (ReAn 10) MoH p.100 -- to spin wool
A Day's Worth of Weaving (ReAn 10) MoH p.100 -- to weave cloth out of spun wool
Chamber of Sping Breezes (CrAu 5)
Chamber of Summer Breezes (CrAu 10, Ig) Covenant p.100
Soothe the Raging Flames (PeIg 20)
Ward Against Flame (ReIg 15) Covenants p.104
Day of Communion (MuVi) -- that's the variant of Wizard's Communion that can be used for rituals

All rightie - I'll update the list accordingly.

Clovis is interested in the following spells :

For the covenant to have (not of high priority though):
The leap of homecoming ReCo35

For him to have (sorted by interest) :
Silencing gaze (like silence of the smothered sound with range eye) PeIm15
Image Phantom MuIm 20
Ambush on the Deserted Road PeIm 20 (HoH:S 64)
The Unbidden Task MuMe 25 (HoH:S 70)
Agnosia PeMe 10 (HoH:S 69)
Aura of Childlike Innocence MuIm 10 (MoH 91)

OK - in looking at your spell list, you can clarify 120 spell-levels yourself, and get 180 spell levels copied. That looks like we can break it down to the following tradable items:

Phantasm of the Human Form (30) +2
Summoning the Distant Image (25) +2
Veil of Invisibility (20) +2
Silence of the Smothered Sound (eye) (15) +1
Words of the Unbroken Silence (10) +2
Wizard's Sidestep (10) +2

That gives 3 lvl 30's, 3 lvl 25, 3 lvl 20's, 2 lvl 15's, and 6 lvl 10's. For 300 levels total. In looking at the request levels, that looks like we can fit in the following:

swapped one of St. Avery's out for Leap of Homecoming (35)

Circle of Rapid Recovery (CrCo, lvl 25) + Chamber of Spring Breezes (CrAu 5)
Transform the Mystic Ward (MuVi, lvl 30)

The Unbidden Task MuMe 25
Day of Communion (MuVi 25)
Circular Ward vs. Faries (lvl 25) or Arm the Summoned Brigade (CrTe 25)

Image Phantom MuIm 20
Ambush on the Deserted Road PeIm 20
Soothe the Raging Flames (PeIg 20)

Agnosia PeMe 10
Aura of Childlike Innocence MuIm 10
A Day's Worth of Spinning (ReAn 10)
A Day's Worth of Weaving (ReAn 10)
Chamber of Summer Breezes (CrAu 10, Ig)
Bind Wounds (CrCo 10)

With 1 lvl 30 slot remaining. I'd recommend the following:
Invisible Porter (ReTe 15)
Silencing gaze PeIm15

...but that may be a bit inefficient. Anyone else have any other recommendations? (I'm noticing that most of the high-level stuff is what St. Avery would use - which is certainly useful, but I'd rather not hog all the high-level trading slots if there's something that someone else would like.)

Could we find a lab text for one of more useful enchanted items instead of spells?

For example, Stone-Cutting Knife (ReTe 15, Covenants p.52) and Freshness of the Harvest Evening (CrHe 14, Magi of Hermes p.69) would be useful additions to the covenant's library.

I would also suggest again a lab text to create items to provide the Magical Heating virtue to our labs, such as Magical Oven (CrIg 20, Covenants p.51), but that would require dropping some other spell(s).

We can drop my last two spells, That's not an issue. Other than than, some of the levels of the Vim spells seems a bit extreme maybe we could reduce them a bit ?

Yeah, that was one of my concerns. The reason they're so high is so that they can actually work with St. Avery's "Listen to the Witch-bell" spell, which is an InVi lvl 35; it needs a lvl 35 MuVi Wizard's Boost to affect it, and a lvl 40 Maintain the Demanding Spell effect to get it to run for a day.

The other main use for these is for our local Gernicus, who has a similar lvl 30 InVi effect - but they may be out of his range for a while.

That being said - St. AVery can create lower-level versions of them in a season; which he'd be happy to do if it means saving him multiple seasons in not having to invent those "barely in his Lab Total" spells.

I can help you make the recovery circle spell but make it CrCo 25 instead for +15 so we don't get warping points from it.

Ah, good point - these are the plans for trading, but that would still be an issue, wouldn't it.

OK, made the update; swapped it out for a lvl 25 version + one of the requested lvl 5's.

Bastion would also like a CrTe 25 spell I think to create a bunch of crude weapons for diameter duration.

Essentially the idea I have for Bastions spell list is:

  • Create a group of corpses CrCo30
  • Cast group version of "awaken the altering corpse" ReCo 35
  • create weapons for the corpses to use for combat CrTe 25

Basically I can easily create all of them except for the weapons one

Fair 'nuff - I've added it as an alternate to Circular Ward vs. Faries; defensively, the yearly Aegis is almost as good, and yours seems to be a nice offensive technique.