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Intellego Summae L15/Q12
35 levels lab text, Incantation of Lightning
Muto Summa L15/Q12 x2
Concietta Insight- untranslated lab notes of Concertia for a level 30 CrAn spell reputed to contain stabilized breakthrough notes
Canon of Medicine, Medicine Summa L6/Q9
Defixio Insight Lab Text - cult of Pluto - Spirit on a distant task*
Hyperborean Language Summa L3/Q5
inspiration for Harnessing the Essential Power of Imagonem at level:15
Harnessing the Essential Power of Imagonem at level:15 (3 insight points when completed after completing insight)

*base:5, arcane connection:+4, duration: moon:+3, level:40- controls a spirit to which you have an arcane connection from any distance and sets it upon the task you command, worth 8 breakthrough points towards unlimited range defixio magic when invented

Texts added by Tartessos:

L4/SQ10 Theology: "Studies of the Apocrypha" by Bishop Anteus Atreus
L4/SQ10 Canon Law: "Principles of Roman Law" by Gnaeus Phillipus
L4/SQ10 Medicine: "The Humorous Body" by Santigo di Ferrol x2

SQ 13 Magic Theory: "Alternate Methods of Opening Enchantments" by Tartessos ex Verditius

Translated Spell Texts
MuTe 20 Forge of Viscid Clay (as Rock of Viscid Clay, increased level for all Terram products)
MuHe(Te) 15 Transformation of Wood Like Clay (as Rock of Viscid Clay, adapted for herbam products)
ReAq 5 Aging the Fine Wine (described in the players wanted thread)
InVi 20 Piercing the Magical Veil
ReVi 15 Gather the Essence of the Beast
CrTe 20 The Touch of Midas
ReCo 20 Swift as the Swallow (created by JeanPatrick)
ReHe 15 Drawing Up the Siege Ladder
InMe 20 Posing the Silent Question

Translated Item Texts
ReTe(He) 25 Attentive Chest of the Mage's Desire
ReTe 13 The Sculptor's Wand
MuTe 20 The Mason's Friend
MuTe 9 Stone Like a Feather
MuTe 9 The Mage's Exit
InVi 19 The Queer Ear that Vis is Near
InVi 20 The Chiming Aura

Preserver of magical ingredients lab text (5BP)
Decanter of the Undiluted Essence lab text (8BP)
Insurance against the Dropped Vial lab text (4BP)
The Tirelesss Servant lab text (8BP)

"Legal code of Malta" Q:11 tractus civil and cannon law
"Legal history of Islamic Malta" Q:11 tractus Islamic Law
"Rhetoric and argument" artes liberals summae L:3 Q:22
Qur'an (in Arabic) L:8 Q:11 summae Theology:Islam
"The stars migration" Q:11 tractus artes liberals
L5 Q 20 Artes Liberales summae 'studies in Greek Literature' (winter 1220)
L8 Q11 Philosophae summae 'elements and forms'(winter 1220)
Designing the Perfect Spell, Part I - Determining the Proper Spell Subject, Magic Theory Tractus Q15 (WInter 1220)
Designing the Perfect Spell, Part II - Selecting an Appropriate Arcane Reach, Magic Theory Tractus Q15 (winter 1220)