Curse of the Rhine Gorge 2?

Curse of the Rhine Gorge - new attempt (the old one was cursed)


  • it was planned as a low-power game
  • with a focus on writing high quality texts
  • with kicks emerging from creating a text together (rather than: slaughter and quickly becoming invincible)

I am not sure if these principles can be salvaged.

Curse of the rhine gorge 1 never really took off.

One of the reasons may have been my lack of experience as a pbp-gamemaster.
Another was that some of the players that signed on seemed to hate each other (which was mostly played out in private messages behind the scenes).
What finally killed it off was a major change in my private life that kept me away from the forum for months.

So now I want to see if it can be remodeled/revived, or if I should ask Michelle to retire it.
If someone else (maybe a native speaker of English) feels that he or she might be a better story-guide, I am willing to leave the job to him or her (if no one wants the job I'll - have to - keep it).

I'll be happy to join.
you can contact me by PM.


I would be interested in joining.
Wouldnt want to take over the SG, sorry, but i would like to play.

PM me more background. I'm interested.

Any of you who'd do the main SG?

Well then it'll have to be me.

Okay create someone.
Quasitores are only possible if no player objects (because it means we can't bend the law).
Setting is Durenmar (beginning) - Rhine magi encouraged.
Should be about 2 years past Gauntlet - try to stick to HoH and main rules mostly (because everyone knows those). I don't care about exact numbers.
DO NOT CREATE KILLING MACHINES though - I want a Might 10 Creature (being, Fairie, devil etc) to be a real challenge for the group. It's like Star Trek: I only kill the redshirts (grogs).
Include some kind of fiction.
State your wishes as well.
I am not PMing anyone -


  1. I assume the old players have disappeared when I had to leave the thread. So we will sart again from scratch. The development thread is there for you to use.
  2. Can you access the thread?

Still open? I'm interested in joining. I'm a longtime player/SG for ArM, starting with 3e. Two caveats:

(1) I seem to be a curse on PBP games; having begun PC's in 3 (or 4, depending on how you count 'em) games, I can report that not a single campaign has played through even as far as the first conflict; they've all died somewhere in set-up and initial IC dialogues/introductions. :frowning:

(2) I probably cannot commit to more than once-a-week posting. I'd like to do more than that, but it's all I can realistically guarantee. Sorry!

That said... I might (eventually, RL permitting) be up for some bSG duties (and the consequent increased time-commitments).

I presume you mean magi. What about Consortes... can we include them with our "initial" offerings?

Given the beginning at Durenmar, magi from any Tribunal seem possible -- even likely! -- as there's no other place (than Durenmar) so very much a "crossroads of the order". How strong is your preference for Rhine magi?

D'you mean at first, during the "getting things going" phase? Or do you mean that you don't want any SG/player PM's at all, ever? I usually expect there are, at times, a few issues best handled via PM...

Edit: OK, I just figured out about the "Development Thread". Assuming you still have room in the game, I'll post a couple of initial concepts there...


  • Steve

Sorry Steve,

I don't think that a saga with more than 3 players can handle the text quality and different interests of all involved. According to the number of posts, two of my players are newbies to this forum anyway - a third newbie is just too great a risk.
Plus your posting rate of 1/week seems rather slow anyway - no wonder you never got anywhere.

I'll put you on a waiting list same as all the others who might ask from now on.

Having looked over the prior (RG "1") thread, I had kinda figured you might be stopping at the 3 you already had... :frowning:

Have fun, folks! :slight_smile:

OK; though fwiw I'm entirely computer-savvy (systems & networks professional).

I'm semi-new here on the Atlas forum because I've tended to prefer the e-mail Berzerklist for my online ArM fix. But that (the list) has slowed WAY down, and the "good content" seems to be shifting here... Signed up here long ago, but mostly kept to the list rather than the forum. If the Berzerklist stays slow, I'm likely to increase my #posts here quick enough. :wink:

:-/ I'm not always that slow! At the moment, RL is being particularly demanding. In days of yore (and hopefully, soon to come!) I've been able to post daily, sometimes 2x-3x / day, for at least 4-5 days each week. But, it wasn't just me -- the entire campaigns went poof. And mostly, they were much larger than your limit of 3 -- one had, iirc, a dozen or so!

OK; thanks!

  • Steve

We could take on one more person for a saga of curse of the rhine gorge, a small but working pbp on this forum.

I'm using this way to advertise it to make sure that only people who read this can apply.

If more than one applicant shows up, the following criteria will play a role:

  • my players get a veto right after they've seen your mage character and a second veto after you've been playing for two months
  • your English must be as good as mine (if you are not a native speaker)
  • ArM-Steve's old application is still pending (though I don't know if he's still around)
  • experience with the game and the forum is seen as sth positive

To find out more about the game read the posts on the forum. Take your time to do so: An instant "yes, I can" is not necessarily better than a thoughtful "give me some time to read the posts".

Hi --

I might be interested in playing, but I need to take a look at the posts first :wink: .
I have been playing and ASGing for a fourth edition saga for a while, but never played in a 5th ed game, aside from another pbp that barely got off the ground. I do have the Core, Covenants, HoH:S, and GotF for reference.

Thanks for opening up.

Festina Lente.

Once you're done reading, see if you can post in the rhiine char development thread (pm Michelle if you can't). we 'll see if we find a character concept to agree on - I'm sure we can.

--if we haven't driven you off.