curse of too many Magical Animal Companions

A character concept, where the the character's fairy godmother "blessed" him at birth with being friends to the Virtuous Beasts.
Now he has too many Magical Animal Companions competing for his attention.

Would this count as a Minor or Major Supernatural Malediction?
The player wants the three points, and I am uncertain if it is working worth Lycanthropy level complications.

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Sounds like a certain way Ive seen the Supernatural Nuisance story flaw skinned. Fits fine as a major story flaw but, I agree, not a major malediction.


I agree with @dc444 , but then I am not particularly fond of lycanthrope as a major non-story flaw either.

This is an important point because PCs are entitled to just one story flaw, which explicitly give them the limelight and pulls the rest of the party into their troubles. In this respect Lycanthrope appears abusive, giving another three point for making trouble for everybody and hogging the limelight.

It is not so much a question of major or minor, because that can be adjusted. Enough animals with enough attention makes it major. Squirrels crawling all over you at all times would give penalties to almost every roll imagineable.