custom built spells and penetration

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In essence you would be incorporating sympathetic or arcane connections into the spell. These alone can already give significant penetration bonuses. My 1st thought is anything more would be to much...but then if you realy want to waste a season making the spell you might beable to convince me otherwise.

Something along the line of a drawing which is normally a one time use may be buit into the spell and always in effect. To maintain balance I might say for learning purposes the spell counts at 1-2 magnitudes higher than it actually is.

Being that this has yet to come up I'm not going to worry about it =p

Why though?.. is what I find myself asking.. .. wouldn't it be easier to just make the base spell and then.. use the sympathetic connections as normal?..

Maybe I'm missing something, but a bit confused

Seems an awful big waste of a spell really :slight_smile:

Well, we called it Vulcan's Eternal Oblivion because it needed a name. Not because it had any special bonuses.
Oh, and we used a big ol' wizard's communion to waste him.

I could see a situation where it would be desirable to slag one particular target, and only that target, out of a cluster of others, avoiding any "collateral damage" - especially if, say, you were worried that you, or someone/thing valuable to you, would be in that blast zone.

Or, for instance, if some reflecting effect was a popular ploy with that target.

I could also see that if something truly large and unpleasant were to be designed, and that was only needed for the one purpose, it could be desirable that it could not then be used on yourself, if it was learned/stolen by someone unfriendly.

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It is difficult to cast horoscopes in the middle of combat for example, so integrating it in the spell might be worthwile. We have never used target-speciofic spells, but I guess we would do somethi9ng like double the penetration bonus provided. As said, if you are wasting a season for such a specific spell, make it BIG.

A good reason to do that, for example would be your local magical target using glamour to hide himself among 100 equal images .... where the other 99 are real peasants that you want to save. You could blast them all with a room spell, but killing 100 guys might get you the fast lane to hell, while righteous fury against a single corrupt being might be excusable.



An option might be to make a casting tablet and including a range of parameters to ensure penetration toward that one target. If you are going to spend time in the lab to create that one spell you might as well make a tablet instead.

As a sidenote it might offer interesting stories... such as a scramble to rediscover the lost tablet used when last the terrible demonic prince appeared to roam and pillage the local countryside. Or some such.