Customer Service - Misprinted Gloom Unhappy Homes Deck

I recently purchased a deck of "Gloom: Unhappy Homes" expansion cards on vacation to Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately upon arriving home (I live with my wife here in Beijing), I found the deck to be seriously misprinted - quite a large number of cards have smudgy printing residue all over them.
As a result of my geographical location, I can't return them to the place of purchase - I tried emailing the store in question(Games Paradise, Pitt St Sydney) and got the usual response of "contact the manufacturer - we can't help you."
I took some clear photos of some of the offending cards and sent 3 seperate emails to your "" address. None of these emails have been answered.
I've also tried calling the customer service hotline (the eight hour time delay between China and the US meant I had to call after midnight here), but recieved little more than a recorded message (which I suspect cut me off after a few words).
I simply want an exchange for my misprinted deck - could you please put me through to someone who can help me with this?


CJ Winter

I've emailed CJ directly.

-Michelle Nephew