Cygna's Seasonal Activities Thread

This thread is where I'll be posting Cygna's seasonal activities each season, rather than creating a new thread each season. Less clutter, methinks.

Spring 1213
Cygna will be taking either Reyes's or Maria's Castilian classes during the season. If it's Maria teaching the class, then anyone else in the class will probably pick up on some tension between the two.

When she's not in the class, she will be more or less wandering/exploring the Left Side looking for a good place to set up her sanctum & laboratory, since we have yet to discover anything in the other sancta that makes her feel like it should be hers. She would prefer a building that's already built, especially since we seem to have a dearth of masons and carpenters at the moment. Once she discovers the pond, she would be hard pressed not to put her hovel in the vicinity.

Meanwhile...she will be attending Mass regularly (at least once a week). an attempt to bolster religious unity in the covenant, she will also attend the Jewish Sabbath service about once or twice a month (she will most likely do the same thing one we get an imam for the Muslim communit)y. She might not understand much, as she doesn't speak Hebrew, and doubts that the Divine will let her get away with casting Thoughts Within Babble in the synagogue; she will give it a try, however - after all, they're both of the Divine. So...CT 19 + die roll of 5 = 24, +/- any Aura Modifiers, vs. a Spell Level of 25. shrug

Spring 1213 i[/i]
Rather than sitting through a Castillian class for the season, Cygna will focus on setting up whatever lab she finds/selects, and will go with the 8xp Exposure in learning Castillian...assuming anyone is still talking to her after her little tirades :smiley:

Euh... You mean 2XP exposure, right? 8XP is for practice.

Right...practice..that's what I meant. "Practicing a language in a community where it is the native tongue merits a Source Quality of eight." (AM5 p. 164) I had actually thought that you only got two xp per season from speaking a language until Amul mentioned that Esteban and One-Eyed Maria wouldn't give any more xp from their classes than one would get just from practice and I went back and reread it.

Curse you, intermittent fallibility! fistshake