Daedalus edition

I was thinking of picking up a copy of the Daedalus edition of Feng Shui but I've heard there's two printings and that one is in black and white. Wanting the original one, or at least whichever is in full colour - is there an easy way to tell from the cover etc if I don't have a chance to look at the interior?

Also, how different is it really from the Atlas version. I don't mind if a few Archetypes are slightly different, but I mean general rules etc.

Thats the full color version, unfortunately I do not know the B/W versions cover. There are several special traders in the internet who still have the first printing.

The rules itself are more or less 1:1. The Atlas Version is missing of course a lot of color pics and some flavor texts were cut, in that case the Deadalus first printing is "more complete". Rule changes are mostly the Water Sword and the Old Master - of of course some of the archetypes like Journalist and Magic Cop are missing (they were introduced in Back for Seconds). So you are able to use it without any problems in your gaming round.

Notable changes

  • Old Master with Chi 10
  • Watersword Fu schtick
  • more Artwork (in color)
  • heavier book (thicker paper)
  • more flavor stories (they seem to be available on the Atlas Page)

My absolute favorite: the absolute gorgeous picture of the netherworld and arcanowave. The first time I showed these two pictures to may players it was one of the biggest WTF-moments in my RPG history. :mrgreen:

Good luck.


See that's the cover I can get but I'm not sure if the B&W version by Daedalus has the same cover...

But thanks for all the info. :slight_smile:

There was a couple of other things too that I was going to ask - is it HB? and Is there any different examples of combat/rolls in general that isn't in the Atlas version?

I would still love me a new version of Feng Shui... on day, when I'm too old to pretend to be a bit of a ninja around the gaming table I'm sure there will be another one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its Softcover (and my version is already starting to fall out), but as far as I can tell everything else is the same, including combat. However I did not compared every page and sentence.


The story that is broken up in the Atlas version is all in one place in the begining. Has a section in the story that was missing in the Atlas version, and the order is diffrent. This stuff you can get in the errata. The quick info for each fraction is done diffrently, so it takes up a few pages and has the Shadowfist faction symbols. See the errata thead for more info on this. Some types are missing that are in Back for Seconds, and were put on the web in varrious forms.

All other text is the same except for that which is corrected in the Atlas version.

The art is diffrent and they character sheet is diffrent. You buy the 1st edition for the art if you have an Atlas version. Lots of the artin it could be downloaded at one time on various sites, and some artists may still sell prints of art that was in the book. On the ChimpShack Shadowfist page check out the artists links page if your interested in looking into this.

See the link bellow too. Check out the 2nd page of art.

melissabenson.com/originals_ ... wfist.html

The color version falls apart easily. Very poor glue job. I had to re-glue mine a week after getting it.

if you get a color version I recomend you look at getting this too and picking up a cheap kids paint brush, the ones you see by the kids water color paints in a drug store, etc.

kapco.com/cms/site/09df298f ... index.html

B&W version had some corrections from what I understand and has the same cover.
They used to have a correction list for both printing that had some fixes for each printing. That no one has now. it seems & that I'm looking for.

The color printing is easier to find than the b&w one.

In case your curious the Daedalus version of Thorns of the Lotus has diffrent art work and a quick chart page in it. Atlas version corrected some stuff but forgot the Poket Demon's stat block.

Blood of the Valiant the Atlas version has diffrent art and an extra chapter, plus Sun Chen got cut.

The Sun Chen text & the Pocket Demon stat text are in the Atlas errata.

Hardest things to get are the 2 magazine articles I've mentioned before that I'm looking for.

thanks :slight_smile: