Daimons and Hermetic Empowerment

So, I have a character in my saga who's currently Initiated into Hermetic Theurgy and Hermetic Empowerment, as well as Inscription on the Soul (as part of a custom Cult we worked on).
So, here's the issue. She wants to enchant a Ritual effect into herself. Okay, sure. Her Spirit is an invested device, so Empowering Prison of the Declining Spirit is definitely doable. If she were to summon a Daimonic Aspect and bargain with it (via Theurgy), she could possibly convince it to allow itself to be enchanted into the prison, since the Aspect can be dispelled at will by the Daimon (though I imagine it would take quite the bribe to convince the Daimon).
This is also definitely possible. The issue is thus. If the Daimon runs out of Might (or it becomes low enough it can't activate any of the invested powers, I imagine it would be dispelled. If that's the case, would the Daimon send another one (assuming the contract was for a period of time or a total number of activations or something), and could it send an Aspect directly into the Prison?
If not, would the Prison be emptied by the Aspect leaving (allowing easy re-enchantment), or would the Prison need to be Disenchanted? (along with the risk of insanity or Twilight, as she's destroying part of her spirit).

Personally - I suggest letting the maga get the "power" option: let the daimon be able to replace the aspect in the prison with one with new Might.

By RAW, I doubt this is correct. The maga binds a specific Aspect to the prison, I think, not the Daimon itself. And you can't "empty" a prison and then repopulate it; you have to enchant a new one.

But the option of having only a few charges is more boring IMO, and doesn't reflect well the effort that the maga is going through to let her be able to pull these stunts off. Plus, arguably a regular spirit can heal Might Score in a Magic Aura, so it isn't that big of a power boost to let her a Daimon Aspect be able to replendish his Might too.

I don't know - can't the Daimon use some power to replenish its Aspect, or is that forbidden by RAW?

Not forbidden per se, just kind of strange. The Daimon would have to have a power that can increase the Might of another creature at Arcane Connection range, and then (since Aspects and Daimons are Arcane Connections to each other) target the Aspect through itself. The problem lies in that Empowering Prison of the Declining Spirit actually strips Might Score, not Might points, so the max Might of the Aspect drops. As such the Daimon itself would need a way to increase Magic Might, which would have to be a Grant X type power, which would strip Might from the Daimon. Of course, the Daimon would get all this back if the Aspect was retrieved, so I guess it's fine, it's more there would have to be a limited duration for the Daimon to agree to this (assuming it couldn't replace the Aspect inside the Prison directly).

Yeah, that makes it harder. Thanks for clarifying it.

The Arcane Connection weirdness stands (though actually, given the unique nature of the Aspect/Daimon relationship, I'd have no problem with it) but I don't know if the Grant thing would be an issue. Serf's Parma, but can't Rituals be Mastered down to no Might cost too? So it could replenish its Aspect without too much trouble, though it would probably have a limited max Might quite a bit lower than the Daimon's own simply because going very high would require obscene amounts of resources.

RoP:M, p41, Improved Powers "Ritual Powers have a minimum cost of (the effect’s magnitude / 2, rounded up), and you cannot modify the cost of Focus Powers at all."

Ritual Power on p40 states that the lost Might Score might return over time, SG's discretion.