Daimons and the Lunar Sphere

Do the Daimons of TMRE exist beyond the Lunar Sphere or are they sub-lunar?

and possibly related:

Can Hermetic Theurgy affect creatures from beyond the Lunar Sphere ie. does its non-Hermetic elements allow it to break this particular Hermetic limit?



From the inset on page 81

Ascension , page 84

At first glance , none of the Sample Daimons in Appendix C
appear to have powers that break Hermetic Limits.
Honos (page 139)
can create a magical feast that has permanent effects.

So far , i can find no references stating
that Hermetic Theurgy can affect creatures from beyond the Lunar Sphere.

Good quotes Ravenscroft.

It would certainly be fitting if "beyond the lunar sphere" was more the realm of the Divine.

If I had to rule on this, I would say that hell is on or perhaps below the earth, where the fallen angels ....er fell.

That it cannot be located by earthly agencies is no suprise, given Hermetic inability to pierce demonic lies.