Daimons, the stars and the Twilight Sea

I'm planning to use Ancient Magic alot in the campaign I'm running, focusing on Hyperborea, the Hesperides and Rune Magic. Also, the Magic Realm will be very important. I have a couple of questions :slight_smile:

Ladon, from what I understand, is a Daimon, not a magical animal. Does Ladon regain his might like a magical animal, or is he more like an aspect of the spirit, in that he must create a new aspect of himself if he uses all his might (and doesn't eat any vis)?

Also, the description of Ladon says he will come back to life if defeated with the rise of the constellation Draco. Do all daimons have a connection to the stars in some way, or is this just for humans who become daimons (like in Mysteries Revised?)

Finally, in the information on the Garden of the Hesperides, it says the inky black ocean which connects to the garden is the Twilight Sea. Is this the same as the Twilight Void from RoP: Magic?

Well, just getting some details figured out for the campaign here. :slight_smile:



Whatever works best for you. IMC, he is an Aspect. He's an Aspect of the same spirit that sent Trianoma to Bonisagus, but not the same Aspect that did it.

Niether: he's a stellar daimon. Some humans become stellar daimons. Note he was designed before ROP:M and so might not be 100% designed by suggested rules. I suppose the new way you would say it is that the daimon would generate a new Aspect when Draco rises.

Yes. Effectively, yes. Oddly though it is not a Void, because it clearly has a liquid in it. So, a bit of weirdness there.

I'm really tempted to trying to make up a kind of graphical representation of the relation between our world, the Magic Realms (and the other Realms), the Twilight Void.. It's somewhat confusing sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

There's a couple of scenes in the thirds Pirates of the Carribean, actually, that I feel gets some of the ideas of the Magic Realm and the Twilight Void kinda right (they sail across a black void to reach some kind of magical realm, in this case, Davey Jones' Locker). Some nice ideas there :slight_smile:

Also, I'm a bit unclear on the description of the Twilight Void realms. In the void, if your're in the Herbam Realm, for example, are everything else not of Herbam invisible and and "just not there", or just as black shadows?

These are just details really, but I do want to get the descriptions right. :slight_smile:


One question I have about the Twilight Void and Magic Realm is where they are located in relation to each other. After reading it again (the characters will see a glimpse of the Magic Realm in the next session, so I need to get this right :stuck_out_tongue: ), I get the impression that the the Twilight Void is a "shadow" of the Magic Realm, a parallel, so to speak.

All of the Twilight Void is then connected, the different areas being part of the same "shadow" of the various Boundaries in the Magic Realm. So if you're in a Herbam Boundary, you could, with the right abilities, travel through Vestiges or the Boundary itself, into the Twilight Void, and from there go to any other Boundary or Vestige in the Magic Realm.
Or, of course, you could just walk across the Boundary to the neighboring Boundary if they are so connected.

How does this sound? Is it in line with the author's idea of the Magic Realm? :slight_smile: That chapter, I find, is a bit vague.. but then again, it's the Magic Realm after all. :stuck_out_tongue:


That's right, it should feel like it overlaps, in my vision of it. It's sort of "outside" the rest of the Realm, like the way a regio overlaps the mundane world. Let's say you're on an insula of a sandy hill with a vestige of a large apple tree and several people and animals are lounging underneath it, and an ocean nearby, and a boat of wood and skins beached nearby. Then you step into the tree's vestige, taking you into the Twilight Void. From that point on, you will travel at a constant rate through the Void, but what you will be able to see at first is the vestige of the tree, lush and bright and colorful, and the wooden insides of the boat in gray and cool tones. The shapes of the outside of the boat and the people and animals will probably be recognizable against the wood, like shadows. Everything else will be dark and invisible: the water, the sand, the sky, and the people. You'll soon move away from that, though, like you're sailing away into the sea.

You can go from there to any other Boundary or Vestige in the Realm, but you have to decide where you're going before you enter. The time it takes you to reach it depends on how well you know it. If you don't know much about it at all, it's a very slow journey. If you have an Arcane Connection to it, it can be much quicker. Note, though, that even though most vestiges are Arcane Connections to things in the mundane world, if you don't know what the vestige is an Arcane Connection to, you can't use it as an Arcane Connection to your destination.

True, and so there's no wrong answers here. Anything you want can be there, and it can work however you want it to work. :slight_smile:

It's probably the Aquam Province, so it would have the vestiges of liquid in it. But it's not substantial liquid, so it is still kind of voidlike, isn't it?