Dair ex Merinita

Dair was born of the pairing of two parents deeply warped by supernatural forces, and he seeks to master the gifts borne from his father's undine bloodline and his mothers atlantean ancestry. Dair has taken the ocean into his heart and seeks to let it guide him through riddle, mysteries, and acceptance of challenges.

Sayings, "The weather might yet turn to our favor". "Never turn your back on the ocean."

Appearance: Standing about 5’ 9”, Dair has long brown hair braided and tied away from his face, bright blue eyes, more teeth than usual and oddly pointed. He knows this makes him seem a little off around mundanes, and tries to not let that bother him; instead letting others chat and haggle. When relaxing he wears plain pants, tunic and a fur mantle; however when travelling he sometimes replaces the clothes with light leather armor and satchels and packs for his kit. Dair interchangeably carries an old walking staff he found ashore in his mother's home regio or a sharp fishing knife.

Background: (master) already visited the region offshore where Dair's mother lives as one of the many places where the fae regions connect with the mundane world. His master was not expecting to find a gifted child so closely linked to the water, and had to undertake some effort to source material which suited the apprentice's natural talents. Dair and his master have a tight relationship, with either often travelling to visit the other, and both still seek to assist each other.

Early in his apprenticeship Dair discovered his severe vulnerability to iron, and the detrimental affect it has on his magic. He is now acutely aware that he must avoid it whenever possible, and has plans to develop techniques to avoid or handle it magically in the near future.

Demeanor: Dair is unapologetic in his optimism. He has faced many challenges which defeated him, but instead of seeing these as failures he sees all aspects of his life as currents, streams, and waves in a wider ocean of experiences.

Casting Sigil: the smell of the ocean
Master's covenant: a large manor house atop a seaside cliff, with caves hidden below; located in a small bay facing the open ocean on the Isle of Man.
Vis: None
Age: 25

draft mechanics at gauntlet,

Question about Elemental Magic (Major) virtue - it indicates xp can be earned when advancing - does that apply during character generation?
Eg xp spent in Aquam granting some bonus xp to the other three forms?

Not by RAW. It's the same problem with Secondary Insight.

They do not. Which is odd, because Virtues like Afinities do affect Apprentice xp expenditures. I suppose some Virtues only kick in after you've been studying for so many years, whereas others are more like natural talents.

I'm going over which characters to admit right now. Did you finish your character? Is it ready for review? Also, I'll need a story, background, age, etc. The "soft facts" about Dair.

The mechanics are ready. I’m working on background now and should be ready with that very soon.
(a) as I’ve created a very Aquam and water orientated magus but have no idea where the cov will be - I’m hoping that it’s not a complete waste of a character. Initially I was thinking of a Forest character but changed when the water concept started to take shape.
(b) I’m still not sure if I will get value from the Atlantean virtue but will stick with it.
(c) I still need to give him kit and equipment. Not planning anything crazy, but would like to have a few details penciled in.
(d) planning to have Dair raised on the Isle of Man. Thus the strong water theme.

added a set of background notes about Dair in the top post in this thread.

(a) It was going to be a factor, but not a huge one. But since so many players are hopping on the Aquam boat (heh), it's starting to look like water will be a huge factor!
(b) I could see it being useful, yes. And I'm always glad to see someone sticking to their concept, whether or not they get mechanical benefit. So kudos for that.
(c) Everything you have seems fair so far. If you're wondering about specific items, feel free to ask. I wouldn't consider it out of place for your character to have a small sailing boat for example. Nothing extravagant, just something big enough to ferry you and maybe a few friends around the coastal areas.
(d) That seems to fit perfectly!

Thanks skywyze, I'll add the small boat, and otherwise I hope Dair is all ok. I'm endlessly tweaking the spreadsheet I use to create the characters, but otherwise all done.