Damage Major Focus

I wondered what is exactly a Wound in ArsMag5 ?
Are Twist of Tongue and Milky Eyes covered by a Damage Focus ? And what about a Demon's Eternal Oblivion ?
If not, what Major Focus might cover those spells (or at least some) ?


Like 'damage', 'wound' is a technical term. A Pilum of Fire inflicts damage but not wounds (the damage might cause a wound, however). DEO inflicts neither damage nor wounds.

I don't think any major focus is big enough cover all of these spells on all targets; anything that causes harm is just too big. But a focus in demons covers everything you do to a demon. A minor focus in sight will cover blindness. A major focus can probably cover spells that directly inflict wounds (but not other kinds of harm) on any target, but not heal them.