Dangling Plot Threads

As we bring the Tribunal to a close soon and start the next adventure, I wanted to present some purposeful plot threads that were strewn about for possible future stories. These are left deliberately vague, and were put in for the purpose of giving me, or anyone else, story ideas. I have my own ideas for some of them, but have left their development pretty light. If you want to use any of these story threads as a future story please let me know and I'll steer away from them. Part of my intentions for this saga was to be the primary GM, and have others tell stories when they had the chance. Here are some of the story threads, no doubt there are plenty more that are available.

  1. Ungulus and the Dragon
  2. The monk Kristoff Hamilton
  3. A visit from Barbara Immolatrix
  4. The dog that chews on Aggie's boot
  5. The Hand of Glory
  6. Nerius
  7. Hidden Resources merit

If you have other ideas from the Tribunal let me know, I might have that same idea in mind.

OK, we'll use this thread for those who want to take over as a GM for a story or two. We'll finish Spring with the creation of the covenant, setting up your labs, and likely having covenant meetings and creating the charter.

Let me know if you want to run something, and then we can also discuss in PMs for details that don't need to be shared with others. Keep in mind that you have a Covenant Boon of Hidden Resources, which are ideal to find on an adventure.

Please let me know.