Dark Secret: Harnessed Magic

What do you think of a Verditius magus who would have the Dark Secret flaw (minor story) because he has the Harnessed Magic virtue (minor hermetic)? Considering that the virtue states that a drawback to the virtue is that "when you die, all of your spells and magic items sputter out", it seems to me that it would be appropriate...

Now, would that also apply to items that the magus only prepared for enchantment, so that another magus could instill effects in it? My gut feeling tells me that it would not apply.

Such a Verditius magus would probably specialized in charged items, as well as preparing items for other magi.

I'm considering that combo for inclusion of the background story for my vanilla covenant of Wiggon's Kiln. One of the deceased founders had this combo, and that contributed to the covenant sliding into Winter when the magus died.

or be very selfish and decide that "it'll only be discovered after I die. I'll just make sure to get a proper christian burial and they'll never get to me :smiley:"

Most magi peacefully enter final twilight, leaving harnessed magic items and spells to persist forever. Also your familiar is left behind to persist forever teaching the newbies magic theory, and other arcane arts. You could also spin it to your advantage. "Wizard's War? Killing me would be destroying other's magi magical power. A CRIME! A CRIME! CRIME!!!"

Whoooo! Nice! :smiley: Might pull that one on a PC when they play a WW.

That's certainly debatable. But I would rather assume that in the context of this virtue "die" also include succumbing to Final Twilight. The result is basically the same, after all, since the magus no longer exists in the mundane plane to sustain the magical energies of the spells and items.

Of course, that raises the question on whether all items would constitute Indefinite arcane connections to said magus. He's obviously still linked to them, as he can cancel them at any time over any distance. To me, that certainly hints at the presence of an arcane connection.

But my point is that the drawbacks of the virtue would, if known, mean that few magi might be willing to take the risk of comissionning the Verditius to craft an item for them, since said item could be cancelled at any time. Thus a Dark Secret if he doesn't share that fact. Or a negative reputaiton if he does. Does that seem reasonable?

For what it's worth. If he can't destroy the AC to himself without destroying the enchantment, then it should be kept as a major flaw.

Or harnessed magic might work differently in that the creator/inventor is an AC to all of his creations, since they are bound up in his magic.

Actually, no:

I think the implication was that, if you fall into Final Twilight (as opposed to dying), then your Familiar will remain. Is there any explicit statement in the RAW that "Final Twilight = death"? I honestly don't know.


Final Twilight is sufficiently like death that calling it death is fine. The character is out of play, and so treating it as death is fine. No one comes back from Final Twilight, there's reason the Criamon ritually murder their Primus when he feels it is close to his time...

Again its still not death. Its similar, but when there are things that depend on death it starts being a pretty big difference.

And that's what House Rules are meant to solve. I'm not saying your interpretation is wrong, I'm saying that equating Final Twilight to death is probably OK and reasonable.

Yeah, that wouldn't be unreasonable. It would get rid of things like Bonisagus's cat familiar being the highest rated teacher in M.T. or similar. Of course, I see that as a benefit. How else would you make the magi need to hunt down tuna of virtue?

Dont' mention the Tuna of Virtue....I'm playing a Bjornaer with a dolphin heartbeast and CJ keeps trying to find ways to bring a dolphin-friendly tuna into the game.

Hah we had a Mythic blooded magi descended from sharks in a love triangle with a Merinita Selkie who shape shifts into a seal and the Merinita magus' fae dolphin lover. What is it with water based characters and this stuff? :laughing:

Coming back to the initial subject. :wink:

Would you purchase an item from a Verditius known to have Harnessed Magic?

If not, how would you represent the "bad reputation" that comes from having this virtue? As a flaw?

NEVER! But the main advantage of Verdi magic is really those fancy runes and the vis cost reduction. The craft bonus is nice, but... its something a decent lab, or a kidnapped Gifted child can get me. And those aren't affected by Harnessed Magic IMO.

In other words: Specialize. All items should be opened by a Verdi, but the enchantment itself can be done by others or even a whole team of random people.

Depends - how old?
Is he part of my covenant?

Depends. Charged items if I pl,an to use the item before he is expected to disappear, sure. At a discount, of course
Permanent items that I plan to use into the next centuries, no nay never. Magic items are effectively charged items since they stop working afer some years. Maynbe 50 years, but they stop working. So he will get the rate for the short-rate one. In fact if I were him I would be using the "limited duration" parameter during item creation a lot. 70-year item at most. But yeah, he will have a real bad reputation among verditius. In the order at large he might get past it, since his short term items will still be much better than equivalent items by other people. Short duration but powerful bang in the meantime. And "short duration" might be 70 years easily.


Not really old. From just past Gauntlet to 30-40 years past Gauntlet.

As for his covenant, it could be either. How would you modulate your answer based on that?