Day 2 Mercenary coast

those going to rescue the mercenaries, sound off.

Maia shall go with this group, for there is potential danger and possible slayings to be done!

Galenos will go to meet the shipwreck survivors, to provide them with spiritual succour.

Argyros is coming on this one. Thinking we'll be short on magus.
The tweedle brothers are going there too, in case of combat. (who will play the grogs ?)

I can do the grogs - Hector is a sensible person to go along anyway.

As you come upon the island which you were informed was inhabited by survivors of a monster attack, you spot the wreck of a ship upon a rocky shore. From a fair distance you can see that the rudder and sails are smashed, and the hull has been severely damaged, the vessel effectively beached. There is an encampment on the shore, and several tents have been erected. A solitary man keeps watch, and immediately begins shouting and trying to signal the ship.

Argyros saw the watcher and the encampment far away
"Hmmmm I suggest that Galenos do the speaking first. People will probably be distant to me. Stay alert. We do not know who they are and what they've been through"

Hector may not be able to understand Argyros's words*, but he recognises the potential danger ahead the shipwreck poses. He orders the Tweedle brothers to be on their guard, and keeps a close eye on the shipwreck.

  • None of the grogs here speak Latin, only Greek.

ooc: Sorry ! Totally forgot ^^'

As soon as the ship is within hailing distance, Galenos calls to the shore in both Greek and then Latin.

"Hail and well met! May we come ashore? We would speak with you; help you if we can, and maybe be helped in return."

The man replies in a language that is neither Greek nor Latin.

ooc: Great - I knew we should have brought Karpos... Do we stand a chance of working out what the language is?

"Ah. It appears our friend does not share a language with me. I regret that gestures and drawing may have to be called upon; unless any of you understand him?"

At this distance all you can tell is that it is a harsh language with lots of hard consonants.

We should go meet them carefully. Maybe they're speaking Arab, I know some words. Or else it'll be a loooong conversation

May I assume we land, peaceably?

If Argyros understands the man, Galenos will leave conversation to him. Otherwise, Galenos will attempt to convey by signs and gestures that we mean no harm, find ourselves shipwrecked as well and short of provisions; suggest we band together; and that this would be a whole lot easier if anyone in their camp speaks Greek or Latin.

Do you want a roll for that? Com+Folk Ken+stress or something?

You approach the land and turns out the man does speak Arabic, but poorly. He is able to convey that his group is off hunting, and they have all be shipwrecked here. He indicates a horn nearby, and that he would like to blow it.

If we can get some assurance that we are in no danger should he do so, Galenos will indicate that he can.

roll com+language+stress die

I... don't think I can. Isn't Living Language not usable untrained? If you want to suggest something else to cover determining intent non-verbally, that'd be cool.

Of course, Argyros can roll instead.

Argyros seeing Galenos struggling to talk to the man tries to translate in arab (1d10=7+2+1 =10)
Man. We're here in peace. Is the horn a welcome sign ?