Day of Communion

Using the definition of the Sun duration spell from page 137 of Through the Aegis. A couple of questions:

  1. Do the magi casting Day of Communion all have to cast it at the same level? The following sentence might imply that.
    "As no more than one magus may join the group for each magnitude of the ritual being cast, this means that this spell is largely useless below level 20."

If everyone does have to cast it at the same level, I can understand that. eg: if the ritual being cast is the minimum level 20, then four people can "commune" over it. The total required from the Communion is 40, thus each contributes 10 and each has to cast Day of Communion at level 20.
But ...
The text isn't explicit that they all have to cast it at the same level and, for me, it's actually less interesting. With my current players, one of them can learn it at level 30, one at level 20 and the other not at all. I don't really want them to all, by necessity, become equally skilled at MuVi - seems a bit uniform.

  1. I assume that, even though the Day of Communion lasts for Sun duration, you can't cast it once and then continue to combine on many spells until the Day of Communion runs out? Again, it's not explicit but could be inferred from the words "the target spell" and "the specified ritual".


That's my interpretation as well.

Now let's see if the author chimes in as well.

That's my interpretation as well.

Now let's see if the author chimes in as well.
No need. Core ArM5:

And which is it for MuVi?

So we know it's Individual for one spell or Group (maybe with additional magnitudes) for more. Look at Day of Communion. Is its Target Individual or Group? There is your answer.

If it were Group, there would still be a question of coordinating with the appropriate spells being cast. You can't really cast a spell and just change its targets later on. I would expect most SG's to avoid the issue by just asking Group not to be used here. Besides, that costs you 10 levels of communion anyway; just cast the spell anew for a new ritual.

This sounds reasonable, and also as it was intended.

Well, Wizard's Communion (ArM5 p.160), Wizard's Vigil (TtA p.75) and Day of Communion (TtA p.137) are all indeed Target: Group. My assumption had been that it was referring to the 'group' of magi. Even so, I think that I will probably keep it to just the one target spell.

Ah, check that out! The confusion makes more sense to me. I suppose the next question is what spells they interact with, why Group was chosen. Wizard's Communion does repeatedly specify the singular, so it would seem to only boost one spell. I don't have access to the others. I think the issue is probably that any one spell needs work with all the other of the same spells in addition to the one spell they're boosting. That would seem to bring into line the otherwise incongruous Group with the singular spell to boost.

Could we make it Group x10 for the cost of one more magnitude and so 5 levels of boosting? Perhaps. I would shy away from it. For the character, I doubt I'd want to lose those 5 levels since I would't think it would get used much. For the player/SG, I wouldn't want to deal with all the different coordination/execution messes that might show up.