De Rei Militari

Are there any of you who have used De Rei Militari by Vegetius as a tractus in your game and as such has stats for it?

Seems like it should be fairly easy to find a copy of it.

Link to wiki article.
Link to english translation of text

We use De Re Militari as:
(1) Quality 10 Level 3 Summa on Area Lore: Battlefield (also called Tactics),
(2) Quality 10 Tractatus on Craft: Siege Engineer,
(3) Quality 10 Tractatus on Profession: Soldier,
(4) Quality 10 Tractatus on Leadership.

My literate shield grog holds it in high esteem.


I've been wondering about an Art of War skill for quite a while, myself. It seems that there's no canonical skill for a specialized tactician and maneuverer of units (as opposed to a great and heroic leader), but here's a novel interpretation of Area Lore that allows for someone who is generally skilled at territorial maneuvering (as opposed to simply knowing the local lay of the land).

Interesting way of doing it, though I worry about it being a General Skill.

In Lords of men Area Lore is used to gain an advantage in the deployment phase, but Leadership is used during the battle.

Precisely. An actual universal form of the Area Lore part of it is a new idea.

It is not meant to be that universal. To apply Area Lore: Battlefield, there must be a battlefield chosen already - hopefully by someone with pertinent and decent local Area Lore.

But once the battle is committed, deployment and maneuvering are mostly conditioned by known terrain features and troops present, and Area Lore: Battlefield comes into its own.

And then there are also other uses for the skill: like anticipating dangerous situations in a battle to get a magus out in time.