Dealing with the Gift

My theme for this month is how to deal with the social effects of the Gift within this setting. What I have planned now is spells for hermetic mages, but down the line I plan on making spells for hedge magicians and perhaps even non-magical social maneuvers to deal with the Gift.

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Aura of Unremarkable Meekness

Muto Imaginem 10

The casting magus appearance is completely changed to be unremarkable. His scent is muted, his appearance subtly changed to stand out less by shrinking his size and blending him into the background subtly, his voice becomes more muted and hard to distinguish, and even the taste of himself or any of his byproduct is almost lacking in any sort of taste.

(Base 5, +1 Concentration)

This spell doesn't make someone invisible, but in crowded places or when else others would have their attention shifted elsewhere, the spell can keep notice off of the caster, especially if he is traveling in a group with non-gifted folk.

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The Return of the Prodigal Son

Creo Mentem 25

Refreshes the story of the Prodigal Son in the mind of the target for the duration of the spell. Coupled with the Forgotten Son to make the caster more receptive to a host family.

(Base 5, +2 Eye, +2 Sun)

A spell used in conjunction with the Forgotten Son so that a magus can gain some short-term friends through fake filial bonds. Other versions of this spell might promote the memory of other stories that are more common in different areas.

The Forgotten Son

Muto Mentem 30

By modifying the memories of a bloodline, a magus inserts himself into the family memory as a long-lost brother of the family head through the change of a few events, returning after many decades away from the family. Because of the bloodline target, this spell is preferably cast on both the head of a household and their spouse to avoid anybody not being under effect of this spell. This is not enough to overcome the effects of the Gift, but it could perhaps grant some free lodging and questionable allies. Often paired with The Return of the Prodigal Son to make a target more receptive.

(Base 3, +2 Voice, +2 Moon, +3 Bloodline)

The Smoky Mannequin
Re(Mu)Ig(Im) 30
Changes billows of smoke into the shape and color of the caster and allows them to move about at his direction. Additionally, the voice of the caster moves over to the billow of smoke.
(Base 10 +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +2 Requisites)

Note: The selected arts might be incorrect as smoke possibly belongs to aurum instead of ignem. I will be rectifying this soon. Thank you @Arkhaic for pointing this out.

The Owner of the Lame Ass

Creo Imaginem 15

Makes an image of a peasant leading the caster by his reigns. Usually this is paired with another spell that transforms the target into some sort of animal so as to not seem conspicuous.

(Base 2, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration Sun, +2 Move at your command, +1 Intricacy)

The Sacred Relationship Between Students and Teacher

Succurro Fortunaem 35

A powerful amulet that is designed with the intention to make teaching a group of students easy for one with the gift. When the classroom is fully assembled, the professor (often with great difficulty) hands an amulet to the most prominent student among the group, for whom the amulet is designed. At that point, the group of students are granted the “unaffected by the Gift” minor virtue for a season. Since only the horoscope of the most “prominent” member of a group is required, usually a professor searches for the most promising pupil and learns the required information for the amulet. Additionally, such pupils are often selected for initiation into the Learned Magicians, usually to help give the master extra charges in exchange for teaching.

(Base 10, +1 Group, +3 Season, +1 for a larger group)

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The vines that slither across the wall
Solomonic Storytelling 10
Potency: Simple
Transforms the image of the target into a mass of vines. This greatly helps the target in stealth when staying still against trees, walls, and other objects. Moving, however, provides a horrifying mission of vines that move on their own.
(Base 5, +1 to increase ease factor by 3)

A message from the enigmatic magician
Solomonic Storytelling 15
Potency: Simple
Usually done while using The vines that slither across the wall, the caster imprints a false memory into the audience of a conversation he had with them. Overcoming the ease factor of 9 allows a target to realize what actually occurred, but the message will still get through regardless.
(Base 10, +1 to increase ease factor by 3)

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The Crow which Intercedes for me
Give Blessing
Range: Conversation, Duration: +1 Limit (Sweeping), Target: Individual
A spell that a gifted gruagach usually casts on an ungifted associate of his to help convince wary strangers of the good intentions of the hedge wizard. This manifests in granting +3 to charm rolls until the target parches his thirst.
(Base 15, +1 Limit)

A sufficiently powerful gruagach could grant himself a tattoo'd version of this spell, but the outcome would merely negate the -3 from the gift when rolling. The shape of a crow would grant +3 to the lab total for creating this tattoo.

Lesser Enchantment: Tablets of Correspondence
Rego Terram 20
R: Arcane, D: Special T: Individual
A clay tablet about the size of large book affixed with an arcane connection to another clay tablet. When someone clears the tablet of its previous message and begins to write, imprints of the message appear on the arcane connection, which is presumably another clay tablet. The special duration is equivalent to that of concentration, but instead lasts as long as the writer focuses on composing the letter.
(Base 1, +4 Arcane, +2 Special, +1 Clay)

Although pricy, this enchantment allows a gifted individual to quickly correspond with others over long distances. With two of these enchanted tablets, one could even have daily correspondence. Following the rules in Hedge Magic: Revised p. 97, one could even have the opportunity to have someone else acclimate to their gift at the discretion of the story guide.

The Messenger of Dionysius
Magic Might 7, size 0, stone, ease factor 13 to awaken
A Virgilian animation of a statue of a young boy with wings with its right hand outstretched, and the left close to his chest. The animation can perceive environs and activates its effect when it has a message in its left hand and a suitable bird toughing its right hand. Usually some sort of feed is placed in its right hand to lure birds close to it.

When these conditions are met, the animation activates its power which commands the bird to take the message to a preset location where the wizard, Dionysius, usually resides. He can usually cast a version of this rite to send the message back, or else send his personal servants.
(Base 18, +6 Sun, +6 Six uses per day)