Dear gawds above, strike me down so I don't have to

So I am going to do a thing that I've never done before.
I am going to play the first character that someone posts here.
Please make a starting level full mage for Ars Magica 5e. I will play whatever it is.

To understand a bit further...

The last time I played this game was with someone who I used to consider a really good friend but now will never speak to. The person running this new game isn't part of that. They mean well and I respect them. If they somehow find this and read it, I want to give the game an honest try. I want to have fun with it and not disrupt it.
But I have Z E R O desire to go through making a character. All it does is remind me of the hole in my heart left by this other person. I lost someone very close to me a few months back which isn't helping, either.
So I will play and I will be a good and respectful player and I will do my honest best to have fun. But I'm not making a character.
I don't care if the character is useless or not. I don't care if they're overpowered or not. I don't care if they're amazingly detailed, generic, powerful or powerless. I just want to play the game with whatever character and get it over with so I can stop thinking of my lost friend.
If you choose to go through with this and make a character for me, please know that the answer to any question is "whatever you feel like putting in" or "I don't know". There are literally no specifics that I have for you.
Thank you for reading.

Why delegate a decision to someone else, when you can delegate to a dice. Open the base book at page 24, there are twelve magi just out of apprenticeship with 25 years of age. Either pick a house and start with that template, or if you can't get yourself to make that decision, roll a twelve-sided die. Also - welcome on this forum. Make yourself at home. And may you enjoy the game and stop thinking about that person who hurt you.

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Please do not take this personally or as any sort of sleight: doing what you just said sounds AWFUL to me. I am in a headspace where I just need someone to say "You're playing this guy that does this."

I hope you'll forgive me for delegating that decision to the dice. You're playing the Ex Miscellanea template. You'll need to adjust the Native Language 5 to whatever locale your storyteller is putting his campaign in.

Here you go: