Death by Caffeine (Perdo Spam)

Death by Caffeine
Another online time-waster. :unamused:
See how many cups of instant decaf it takes to kill yourself.
(or death by beverage of choice)

Are you genuinely spaming - or is this a new version of an 'arms race' to join the ranks of Regnant(s)?

In any case I wonder if I wouldnt die from ruptured intestines before the "479.75 cans of Coka-Cola Zero" puts me down? Or is it an absolute -not needing them at one go?- so that if I reach that total number before leaving this earth by other natural causes I'll simply double over?

I am not trying to genuinely spam , hence the Perdo in the title.

But i did find Death by Caffeine to be mildly amusing ,
though not interesting enough to post in the Ars Forum ,
unless it had a mythological theme or similar.

I for one enjoyed it, it fits well with my deranged sense of humour, and my love for caffeinated beverages. I'm an engineer, and in Denmark, they're expected to drink coffeee - lots of it! Along with architects and accountants!

I also enjoyed it. To know that each day I am 10% on my way to an early deathbed is thrilling. :wink: I love these fun games...


I'm new on this board. I've played Ars Magica a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, in France. I just want to promote this fantastic game in my association, mastering a campaign. I wanted to know if there is some franch peaople around there, and/or some good advice to begin. I was just a player before, at this game. I'll be a gamemaster soon.

Any thoughts on the teaser Netflix dropped for the new Death Note live-action show?