Decimal measures and Sizes to Ars magica

Here i made one equivalency method to helpme to play, to create characters and to make spells & magical objects. To no english speakers the system of measurement is alittle confusing.

Interesting calculations;

You give the pace as 0,8 m. Yet I thought the ArM pace was intended as a Roman "double" pace of 5 feet... Can anyone clarify the intention?

Also, for the very large volumes, I would find it more intuitive to get an answer in cubic meters rather than liters (just makes for smaller numbers)

I don't know where you got the idea a pace was 5 feet. A pace is 3 feet... for instance in the sidebar Targets and Sizes a Boundary is defined as being "one hundred paces (three hundred feet) in diameter."

Edit: To the original poster, I honestly think, given the rough scale of things anyway, you can get away with defining a pace as a meter. The additional 3 inches shouldn't break anything IMO and it's probably clearer to non-English speaking players.

It's a good idea to have that translated (though I would have preferred a tranlation into English), especially for weights and cubic stuff.

I want to point out that there are of course no fixed paces in Medieval Europe. I'm wondering if a pace depends on how long the legs of the caster are:

Barbie ex Jerbiton won the Wizard's war because Thurin ex Merinita had darf blood, and was blasted before he could throw his own pofs.

You should probably add a volumebased Base Individual for Auram as well.

Yeah, that´s just a tiny stretch and it makes things oh so much easier in the long run. Have played with that since longer than i can remember and it works perfectly good.

Thanks by your responses.
The litters are parte for one easier personal display: it's easy to me if i imagine a bunch of modern and daily milk tetrabricks (r) and no m3, more visual.
The Auram and volume is not really needed, only because the Auram base talks to a phenomeno that covers one area and not that it fit on one closed space.
To the reference to the pace, hre my fount, wikipedia (like ever i admit), and usin my ones calculations nto see the realtion:

A pace in modern terminology is usually taken as being a single pace rather than a double pace. It has no formal definition but is taken as being around 30 inches (800 mm)./quote]
I'll add the note about the sizes for birds.
Amd, true i could round off the pace to 1 metre, but i am too methodical sometimes. And knowing now this thing i could round off, but only after be sure about this.

I know, and i always considered that a major mistake.

Lets see then here, i´ve got 160 by 160m to play with, how about i use that to create a typhoon, 10 miles high, which i then use a small ReAu on, still just 1 Base individual needed, and turn it sideways.
Now i´ve got a magically controlled 16km long spear made up from a typhoon. Your move, if you can still stand in the middle of that typhoon that is... :wink:

Yeah... the strange thing is that... The more fluid thing of all (the wind has this things)