deficient and certamen


After our last game session, i have been wondering if deficient (form or technique) has an impact in certamen, or not.

Reading the rulebook, i read that "deficient" enters play in any "lab" or "casting" total. And that each time the form or technique is used.

If i'm deficient in terram and the certamen is creo terram.

I use a attack total, not including terram (but using creo). It's not a "terram" total and it's not a casting or lab total.
My opinion is that deficient should not play a role.
But my SG reads the rules inan other way.

I have agreed with him so the show has been able to go on, but what is your thought about that?

I would say that any use of the Art (including certamen) should be penalized. I am not profficient with the certamen rules (we use a totally different set of rules here) but IIRC you used one of your Te+Fo combos (either the Te or Fo) as attack and the other (the Te or Fo) for defence. I would sauy that only the total where Terram is used should be penalized, but that is me :slight_smile: If you use Creo to attack, your defence will be pathetic, I guess. :slight_smile:

It can be interpreted that BOTH should be penalized as well. I would be OK with that as well. It is a deficiency, and a deficiency should mean trouble (sometimes), not something that does not penalize you much :slight_smile:


Deficient Tech/Form states "Almost all totals...". I would certainly include Certamen in this. If you are deficient in a certain Tech/Form, I would be hard pressed to find a reason why it wouldn't apply to Certamen.

I think that you are correct.

If you are deficient in Terram, but you are attacking in Certamen with Creo, then your Creo attack total would not be penalized. Of course, your Terram based defense Total would be penalized.