Definition of a personality trait


Well, this is a bit silly, but even though I write and speak it quite well, English is still not my first language. So I was reading Ancient Magic, in the part about Hyperboreans. Now, the Hyperbore value a personality trait "austerity". I can't find out what this actually means. :blush:
Can someone explain to me how an austere Hyberboerean would act? The only definiton I find on the web is something that has to do with economy. Surely it's not that.




  1. severe in manner or appearance; uncompromising; strict; forbidding: an austere teacher.
  2. rigorously self-disciplined and severely moral; ascetic; abstinent: the austere quality of life in the convent.
  3. grave; sober; solemn; serious: an austere manner.
  4. without excess, luxury, or ease; simple; limited; severe: an austere life.
  5. severely simple; without ornament: austere writing.
  6. lacking softness; hard: an austere bed of straw.
  7. rough to the taste; sour or harsh in flavor.

I am not too sure whether #7 applies to the Hyperboreans though. :slight_smile:

In a person, it's often a combination of those - being passively intimidating (ie, without trying), lacking any adornment (as a Victorian/1800's German school teacher), and solemn/lacking emotion.

This might do it:

Austere parents: