Deft form and requisites

Would a magus gain the advantage of deft form for a spell that had the form as a requisite?

For example, if a magus had deft Animal and cast Inner Most Companion (MuMe(An)).

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Some might say no, some may say that the Deft Form should be the main Form and not the Requisite. Me, I would be fine with it either way. If an Art is part of the formula in any way, I say you should get all bonuses for that Art which you have. This includes Virtues such as Deft Form or a Lab Bonus or a Magic Theory Specialization, etcetera.

I would tend to say it that Deft Form is only applicable to spells for which that Form is primary. That is the Form which determines the guideline, so IMHO it should also determine whether Deft applies.

I'd be fine either way... but not if it's just a casting requisite.

Same as Arthur around here. This is how we play it. It tends to be a fairly popular virtue for certain magi concepts.

Yeah, it doesn't feel right to allow it because of an afterthought. The mage still has to manipulate the primary Form, even more than the Requisite one, and that's not covered by Deft.