Defualt Finesse and Quickness used by invested devices

Quick question - I was pondering the penetration that an invested device would have, but then realised that Finesse is not covered in the guidelines, or that I can find. I think a device uses the finesse of the wielder (ArM p100), but what if the effect is triggered by another effect?

eg. An invested device with two powers, the first detects somebody approaching, or opening a door, or entering an area. Then the second targets that person and casts a spell. The first effect would need to be a detection spell with constant effect, and the second would react using a linked trigger.

I'd suss this to say that the device works with Finesse +0.

Is it viable to enhance the item guidelines to allow increasing finesse by device levels, or is that better done by adding mags to the effect guidelines for the second effect, as per spell creation?

So that while one ability (penetration) is added by the effect modification, another is added by the spell base effect modification (finesse). Correct?

My suss is that Quickness based Initiative for the device also be raised by the base spell effect in the spell guidelines?

I am not aware of any way in RAW to add either Finesse or Quickness to a spell or device.

Finesse was discussed in Building Finesse into spells/devices earlier. You could also make the thing big enough that it cannot miss but that's it.

As for Quickness, it will happen when it happens and that's it. Yes, any Fast Casting defenses will exceed 0 Quickness. But remember that you must first determine the Form by rolling Awareness against EF 18 as your device uses neither words nor gestures, hermetic or not. This is detailed for Performance Magic in both TMRE p30 or HoH:S p58.