Delusion of the Spectral Pain

Hi All,

I just thought I'd try practicing with the spell design system, and would appreciate some analysis of alternatives. My idea is to make an individual target react as they would to debilitating, physical pain, though with no external cause. I thought it might be useful for certain twisted magi, or as a technique to get information from mundanes in extreme circumstances.

I was thinking initially of Rego Mentem. Is "in great pain," broad enough to be considered a mental state? If you "incline," a person to a specific response, could you get them to take physical action, or would that require a corpus requisite?

I realize there are probably many ways of producing this kind of effect, and am just trying to get a handle on what alternatives are out there. :slight_smile:

The most obvious way to me is the level-4 PeCo guideline in the core book. You could add a magnitude or two to make it more severe. D: Concentration would let you prolong it and then stop it easily enough; probably better that way for torture.

Thanks for pointing out that guideline. :slight_smile: I had forgotten about it. It seems obvious in retrospect. I get the feeling it's sometimes possible to over-engineer spells.

PeCo is the first thing I thought of as well.

My second thought is CrMe base 4 - put a thought or emotion into another's mind- you could make them think that they were in extreme pain, or you could at base 5 give them a memory of having just experienced extreme pain. This might make things moderately less disastrous with your priest next time your character goes to confession.