Dem bones, dem bones (Spring, 1220)

At one point early in the spring of 1220, Cory approaches Muriel, the chatelaine of the covenant.

"Begging your pardon ma'am," he says in proper Latin. "I was wondering of I could bend your ear for a moment. I'm Cory, Master Gavin's servant. And he's sent me out on a most peculiar mission, one I'm not sure how to perform. I was hoping that you, having lived in this area for a while, might give me some guidance. You see, Master Gavin needs a human skeleton for his research, and he sent me to get him one. I haven't the foggiest idea of where to look for one, and I thought you might be able to point me in the right direction."

I've slated it for Spring 1221. That gives a year to dig up a skeleton. It also means she'll have started making them before the tribunal meeting - gotta build a reputation.

"Most of our dead are buried at the church of Saint Cummein in Cill Chuimein. We have another cemetary for those who aren't of the Church are buried near there."

Is it just me or does "fetch me a skeleton" sound like a decent companion/grog level adventure?

That's my thinking. We've got a start on the Chapter I: 1220-1221 thread. It could get broken off into a full story if Peregrine or someone else wants to run it. Come on in and join the fun. Wacky hijinks are certain to ensue.

I might get Conachar Mor involved ( or not) as he might put a curse on you

"So, should I just go out and dig up a dead body?" Cory asks. "Or is there some other way I might get a body - or at least a skeleton? I don't want to get myself or the covenant in trouble. I'll also probably need some strong arms to help me dig - if digging in required."

I would have no objection to splitting that off into its own thread and letting someone run it. I can probably come up with something but it won't be until Sunday.

I'll take a grog along, sounds like a potential disaster = fun.

Which grogs do you want to take? I'd like to know which ones there are to choose to play...

Looked through the wiki and there are not any man-Friday or grave diggers so I guess it is members of the turn who bury the dead? Maybe Tamhas as he's less likely to talk too much about it and he's a big chap. Tyne (shield grog) could be chosen for she's reclusive too.
Those two plus the grog who was asked are probably plenty? I'll play out Tyne or both.

My thought is that it would be Cory (presumedly Trogdor) who would choose the list of potential grogs to accompany him...

Cory is presently asking Muriel for advise on who to take. So really anyone could 'volunteer' to be one of the people she recommends.

In which various covenfolk set out to retrieve a skeleton for Gavin's research.

(I feel like this would be a good place for Trinket to appear. Looking for the covenant and finds the covenfolk digging in the area.)

I was considering taking Aodh if he is available as a portable grog, but I also note he is one flaw short...

"I'm open to any help I can get," Cory tells Muriel. "Whoever you think could help out is more than welcome."

I'd say just have people volunteer to be the people that Muriel suggests for help.

So, who all's going on this little supply run?

I have, so far (I think):

  • Cory
  • Conachar Mor
  • Tamhas
  • Tyne
  • Trinket
  • Aodh

Conachar Mor is a companion character. Do you want only grogs?

Up to you guys. Long as it's not a magus ("That's what muggles are for, after all.").