Demon hunting

What would happened if a group of magi did the following? First of all inventing a casting a Aegis of the Hearth around their covenant, lets say a level 50 spell. Then cast a ritual Daemons eternal oblivion with a boundary target lets say a level 50 spell with a penetration total of above 50. Would all daemons within the boundary with a might less than 50 simply banish and no other daemon with a might below 50 not be allowed to enter? Could all daemons be affected by such an boundary DEO? If that is possible what will be the consequences? Will all diseases that does not have a divine origin simply vanish as there are no daemons to administer them? If the plan succeeds what would be the infernal response? Any other consequences?

Thanks for your thoughts


Yes. Or at least, almost: A demon in "deep cover" through his Possession power ignores wards, and could enter the Aegis (Noble's Parma)

IIRC, yes.

At least, the infernal diseases would dissappear, yes. Infernal response? All up to you. And it's also different if you stay in your covenant or go out blasting demons.
IMO, you'd at least have some deep cover demons on your hands :wink:

Hi Fixer,

do you mean that a person who is possed by a demon still can enter?

For the other consequences: Keep in mind that demons can bargain with people that can enter the convent. So you might have to deal with some folk that does nasty things in order to gain some powers


No. The demon hides in the host, but does not get control or leave the host until it has crossed the aegis. Deep cover :slight_smile:


Good question. Could they? They are not sensed when the ritual is cast, so maybe they are not effected at all!

I think this is one of the effects of Boundaries. How on earth could you possibly know of the existence and location of every pest and vermin, in the benign farmer-magus spell "Saving the Harvest" ReAn, with the Boundary being the edge of the field.

A boundery target DEO of lvl 50 (effective DEO level 30 before target adjustment) would banish all demons of lvl 30 or less inside the aegis. So, yes this would work...

It would require some great magi - and a lot of vis, but it would work... (until some fool messed up his lab experiment and felled the aegis again...)


If you don't know the demon is there, it won't affect it. If you have a horde of demons running around in front of you, and you DOE 50 them (l:30) then they get splattered...but if the demon is in spirit form, you are wasting your time...(and Vis).

Does that I:30 in your post mean that you have a reference for this in RoP Infernal page 30?

It's not targetting them individually though, there shouldn't be any need at all to sense them, like previous people mentioned. I'd be fairly happy with it affecting everything within a boundary. It's a ritual, it'd take vis and time to cast.. if a demon is still in the area after all the effort, they deserve to be affected.