Demon's Eternal Oblivion

In the guidelines, it clearly says level +10
However, in the spell, it says equal to level, presumably counting the +2 Voice.

Now, I believe it means base level +10, but a fellow troupe member contests, and nothing was mentioned in the errata.

Level + 10 is for Personnal Range.

So, a level 10 DEO with personnal range would strip 20 might.

A Voice range DEO would be 10 +2 mag = lvl 20, and strip 20 might.

Same thing for a base 30 DEO; strips 40 might at range personnal and level 30, but 40 at range voice and lvl 40.

So yes, it is Base level +10.

Sorry if I'm unclear, i'm very tord, and my neurons are collapsing into oblivion :laughing: