Demon's possessing an human vs sense of unholiness

Hi people, good morning!

I was wondering something: if a demon possess some people in a group of peasants (stg like 7 / 20) can a character with sense of unholiness discover

  • that some people are possessed?

  • which people are possessed?

  • get more info? (Demon's possession Might Pool? an idea of the amount of the PMP?)


yeah sure. Demons can hide from hermetic magic no problem, but demonic infestation is what Sense Holiness and Unholiness is good about at doing :slight_smile:



Ok, now inversement:

Is a demon able to:

  • see that a person is a priest (christian priest, or catholic one, if important) => does a priest have some aura divine (visible to demons) or not?
  • see that a person is a demon, or is possessed by an (other) demon?
  • does 2 possessed people by the same demon know that they are possessed mutually, by the same?

Demons are not stated to have any special sense of the Divine, nut ifit works for the story, sure. However, priests are easy to spot - they have tonsures.

I don't see why demons would have that ability. However, a demon might have Sense Holiness & Unholiness itself, and thereny be able to tell.

Probably not. The demon will know, however, and it is controlling their actions.


Possessed people know what the demon do with their body when possessed, or not?

Yes, no, sure, why/not?

Your call. Maybe they're in a living hell where they watch but cannot control, maybe they lose time and have no idea, maybe they just remember it as a dream, maybe it's back and forth - sure. It pronanly won't be the same for two different possessions by different demons. Whatever works best for your story, your Saga, your players.

2 demons in possession of 2 individuals might recognize each other by smell or act or "feeling" - or not. But working together just seems the way of the Forces of Darkness.

The whole thing would be based on the demons' abilites. As I read the rulebook there are stupid and intelligent demons, too.
I think for greater demons sensing holiness an unholiness sounds cool.
Knowing the actions while under possession should be based on the goals of the demon. Does it help to seduce the target?

Generally I wouldn't limit the pc's supernatural skills because they cost a lot to be effective.

Actually reading the Divine book, it implies that demons can sense and feel the presence of holiness and it draws or repels them. The strong case for this is under the effects of being holy magus and how it draws demons to you to torment and tempt you.