Desdemona Deathangel?

I was reading over my copy of Seeds of the New Flesh (after a discussion about the Architects'/2056's unpopularity, over at and was struck by the description of this NPC.

Where'd this NPC come from? Shadowfist? (I take it that is the case, from doing a websearch.) What is her origin supposed to be? She seems kind of... well, there are lots of things in 2056 which are cheesey (Dan Dammer?) but she seems like perhaps overpowered cheese.


I just got Seeds of the New Flesh yesterday so I'm not an expert on it by any means.

I went over to and I found a review of the sourcebook. It states in the review that Deathangel is originally from Back for Seconds and is reprinted here. Also, I didn't see any criticism of Seeds in the review.

While not as funny as Thorns of the Lotus, and certainly an oppressive environment, I didn't see anything there that suggests Seeds is unpopular.

Thanks. I don't think I've got Back for Seconds...

What did you find funny about Thorns of the Lotus??

Um everything. Seriously. It's just funny to read. The Eunichs crack me up. There's a top 10 reasons to be a Eunich of the top of my head.

I have Back for Seconds someplace I can find it and reread it. Maybe Des is involved in Project Whatit called, Killdeer?

Deathangel is indeed from Back for Seconds; she's a Buro superweapon. She's an abomination in her "true form", but her human form is a hot babe.

She has to eat humans to survive (she likes babies best.) But she lacks any sort of compassion or conscience whatsoever. She just destroys and kills and wreaks havoc, so the Buro only turns her loose when the situation calls for no subtley whatsoever and mass destruction.

So, she is cheezy, but she can be used in case you get some PCs who are really powerful, and you need to throw a seriously ass-kicking, Terminator-type foe at them.

DDA is, for me, a nice example for the style and the amorality of the BTM: looking good, eating humans. :wink: