Desert Eagle Stats and Corrections

I was doing some work for a Nexus/Feng Shui game last night and noticed a couple of errors in the Dessert Eagle in the Feng Shui book while working.

The corrections to the FS Deset Eagle are:

pg. 68 the .357 Desert Eagle is 9+1 capacity gun, not a 10+1 one.
pg. 68 Replace the text “Desert Eagle .50 Magnum 12/3/9+1” with “Desert Eagle .50AE 12/3/7+1”

I double checked the data on the Desert Eagle from several books and websites before making this correction.

My spotting of the errors was a resault of plugging in BTRC's 3G Nexus/Feng Shui conversion notes to the Desert Eagles listed in More Guns as I was trying to.

For those who are interested when you plug in the conversion notes in to the Desert Eagles in More Guns you get for Feng Shui:

Name Damage Capacity
.357 Mag. Desert Eagle 10 9+1
.41 Mag. Desert Eagle 11 8+1
.44 Mag. Desert Eagle 11 8+1
.44 Mag. Desert Eagle (long barell version) 12 8+1
.50AE Desert Eagle 12 7+1
.50AE Desert Eagle (long barrel version) 12 7+1

I didn't do concelability values for the guns.