Design help appreaciated: A sphere to contain lava

Note: It is not my intention to start a long discussion about whether lava is Ignem, Aquam or Terram or any combination hereof!

Supposing I want to contain lava in liquid form, what matter of Rego Ignem would I need to use?

Base 5 says: Ward against a fire doing +10 dam, each further +5 is a magnitude

What damage does lava do? Looking at damages for fires etc the damage is often rated by how much of the body is exposed. ArM5 p181 'Heat and corrosion' lists the base dame is for small part (hand or foot), 2xbase for entire limb, x3 for half of body and x4 for total immersion. A wood fire is base +5 while molten iron is +12.
What would that make molten rock?
How 'immersed' is the glass sphere?

If the molten lava is captured within the sphere and it is warded against, will the lava stay molten? IMHO it should.
Can the effect use Circle and Ring? The sphere does include this shape.

In 4th edition we had the spell Opening the Eartth's Pore. It was basically a "create volcano" spell. THe lava coming out of it did +20 damage per round to anything it touched.


If molten metal is +12, I'd put molten rock at around +8 - +10 damage. I say that because for Terram metal is "harder to affect" than stone, and by analogy metal things do more damage than stone things, other things being equal.

two pence anyhow,


I would rather put them as the same simply because lava might very well BE molten metal... Sure, pure metal often needs a bit more heat, but probably not less than +10 i think.

Yet we know that for a soak focussed character, +10 isn't terribly hard to get, and lava flows tend to immolate humans at a distance (IIRC).

I can strongly recommend reading the "Lava Rules! Fire and Brimstone" (found on e23) for this discussion. Hey, it's free.

Yes I did that now, no beating around the bush with these rules...but I don't intent to step into lava, just keep a bit in a glass sphere as a lava lamp. Groovy!

Anyway, the base damage of +10 might be apporpriate. But this is for simply touching it. Sticking an arm into it is x2, being half immersed is x3 and x4 for fully immersed. But what is this sphere? None of the glass is actually in the lava, it is merely touching it. However a lot of the glass is touching it, unlike a human sticking his hand to lava, so is it fully immersed? Or half immersed if only half full?

If you are touching somethingwith your whole body, you are immersed in it. I would say that the immersion rules apply the other way around as well. The glass is "immersed" in the lava. +40 damage! WOW!


Yep, that's what I was afraid of. This is going to be one high-powered ReIg effect. And for little use...perhaps this is best filed mentally along witht he countless other theoretical projects we tend to discus in my group, since there are several Verditii...

Somehwere between half and fully immersed. So, +35 damage. :slight_smile:

[size=50]Don't say RAW says explicitly says molten rock is Terram, don't say RAW says explicitly says molten rock is Terram, don't say RAW says explicitly says molten rock is Terram, don't say RAW says explicitly says molten rock is Terram, don't say RAW says explicitly says molten rock is Terram....[/size]

If the ReIg spell is good enough couldn't you just "float" the magma inside the sphere - then the sphere might not need to be in contact at all (so perhaps just "proximity" damage),

Of course, maintaining that level of control might require a couple of magnitudes for "precision control", because if you didn't plan for it, having the sphere melt at an inconvenient moment might be... Inconvenient,

I can read the fine print. And the thing I want is for the heat of the lava to be contained. The lava itself stays inside the glass sphere allright by itself. But it would melt if the heat wasn't taken care of.

So the solution mentioned about having the lava 'float' inside the sphere would be another effect, being ReTe. But this still doesn't solve the problem with the heat, although the intensity might easily be lower than 'fully immersed'. After all, the lava oisn't touching the glass, but medieval physics hasn't failed to notice that even proximity to something hot can be nasty.
Perhaps it should be made as an Invested device, with both a ReTe and a ReIg?

If this was my saga and you have it floating instead of directly touching the glass, I would be happy to say that +10 or +15 damage is enough. :slight_smile:


Lemme see if I can't sell this to my SG, he is quite flexible. We run the saga as two ASGs so I most often get my way. As long as it isn't too exploitive or unbalanced.
The device is intended for fun, to put in a lab. I don't even know ehy, my magus isn't that focussed in...well..anything. Because we can might be the answer, and because we have Verditii who most often go along with such ideas.

Yeah, that makes sense.

I like the solution about keeping the magma floating in mid-air, and I agree that this should incur a lower heat, perhaps +10. I would personally even grant you a Form bonus from the sphere, something like "Keep things floating at the center, +3".

Yeah, a Container only gives bonus in RAW for 'transforming things within', while Bag/Sack actually helps for 'trapping things wihtin'. Which is really what I'm gunning for. That should be doable with our gaming conventions and rule interpretations.

btw, as mentioned elsewhere, be sure to use D: Sun, 27day external trigger.
Unless you feel like concentrating every time the sun raises or sets ofcourse.