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Ask and thou shall receive. [Drum roll] A design tread!!!

Enjoy! :laughing:

Forresters round table
This enchanted table is made from the roots of an old tree. It gives everyone eating at it "Intuition of the forrest" for a moon.
Base 1, +1 Touch, +3 Moon, +1 Individual, +5 (24 uses per day) :arrow_right: InHe15
Iotf with longer duration, less people affected per use, plus five levels, right?

This is what I had in mind as Yannick proposed to Aldrick that he'll enchant an item to guide the forresters.
Is this acceptable from a technical point of view?
From a storytelling point of view, I'd like Yannick to enchant this table after having learned to talk with the forrest.

And a spell to give us an edge in combat:
Eyes of the mole
The target gains the eyes of a mole, and thus is blinded for the spells duration.
Base 2, +2 voice, +1 diameter, +1group :arrow_right: MuCo(An)10
A diameter being 20 combat rounds should be sufficient in most cases. Maybe it should be +3 sight, so Yannick can cast it silently.

Evisceration of the Howling Wolf PeAn 30
R Voice D Mom Tgt Individual
Inflicts an incapacitating g wound on an animal at voice range

Eviscerations of a ten thousand Knives Pe Co 35
Group target version of Evisceration of the Thousand Knives

Seizure of the Distant Foe PeCo 40
Range AC D Mom Tgt Individual
The victim is struck by a savage seizure suffering an incapacitating wound. I also considered creating some sort of disease as the effect rather than the wound to give a more natural and lingering effect

Blizzard of Blades ReTe 15
Base 4 +1 rng touch +2 effect an area of 5 paces around the casting mage

Animates several knives to whirl around the caster inflciting about +5 damage

What do people think about range personal wards against Animal , Corpus and Terram for defense against mundane animals, people and weapons . With more powerful versions to keep off creatures with might later

I think you would need at least +1 mag for the animal /corpus although eyes of the cat sets a precedent.( Then again I think I would have leveled eyes of the cat as level 15 with target part na dthe +1 mag for casting req)
combination and even then it seems cheap as blinding someone with PeCo is a base of 20 and this is a group effect vastly superior for 10 levels less than the base.

It does, leaving "+1 part out". The requisite is only embellishing though, you could do without it, thus no levels added. Instead of a moles eyes, you could muto the iris into an 8 with the same result.

It does. Though PeCo would very likely blind a person permanently.
My spell lasts a couple of minutes, probably less if it is cast on werwolves as they can shapeshift back. In that case, it's a mere destraction --as opposed to sheer destruction...
CrIm to create a group of blindfolds with the same parameters as eyes of the mole would be level 15 --with no chance of shaking it off.

We could adjust the base level, as it really isn't giving someone a "minor ability".

Fixer? Max? What do you think?

Perhaps give the eyes of the mole a perdo requisite as the muto guideline states that it gives the recipient an additional ability. Perdo would be fine to reduce the eye sight. Merely change the iris to an eight would in my would only give the target an oddly shaped iris and no extra effect. Just the same a the discussion in the main forum about turning a targets blood into castor oil.

Two requisites for one spell? Never! I'd rather go for a clean PeCo - if Yannick knew any Perdo.
Could we go with a loophole-using-penalty +1 or +2 instead?

The target would end up with two overlapping pictures on his retina, his eyesight blurred.
Hum... but that would be PeCo base five then, not MuCo any longer :confused: , healing as a light wound.

What about the "forresters round table"?

Whats a Retina :smiley: . I agree in reality changing the shape of the Iris would seriously mess with eyesight . I am not sure the medieval mindset would think of that , more likely they would see it as a sign of second sight or something

What about the "forresters round table"?

I thought it was ok, To me there does not seem to be a problem

Isn't Individual the base target? This would put it at:
Base 1, +1 Touch, +3 Moon, +0 Individual, +5 (24 uses per day) :arrow_right: InHe10.
Enjoy :wink:

Much needed.

Sadly agreed :frowning:

As per me, although I'm currently unable to create it, here's what I'm aiming for:

I've also toyed with spells ideas like:

  • A Hundred Obsidian Razors: A group-version Obsidian Dagger (level 20) ([color=green]able to invent in 2 seasons)
  • The Turb's Sidestep: A group-version Wizard's sidestep (level 20) ([color=darkred]unable to create)

More later, gotta go!

You're right! +1 would be "part". All the better, this makes for a cheap and useful lesser enchanted device.

Yannick could cast a circle of beast warding on a loop of leather.
Portable circles that is :slight_smile: Though once you throw 'em on the floor, you're stuck where you are...
I need to work out how to use these as a trap :smiling_imp:

Ward against the Pesky Pugilist ReCo25
Range personnel target individual duration sun
base 15 ward against a human + 2 sun
level 25

Ward against the worrying wolf
Range P Dur Sun T ind
base 2 +2 level 4
No mage should leave home without this spell

Ward against metallic mauling
Re Te 25
Range P D S T I
Base 5 +2 for metal +2 for sun

Rusting touch which annoys the enemy
PeTe 15
R Touch Target individual Duration Sun
Base 5 +2 Sun
Any metal touching the caster corrodes away immediatly

Another, cheaper and weaker option would be:

Deflect the incoming sword (ReTe 10)
Base 04, +2 for Sun.
This keeps metal or gemstone away from you, but under your conscious control.
So, you can't ward yourself against an unseen attack, nor against arrowheads (unless maybe you see the archer targeting you). It is thus highly effective in one-to-one combat, a lot less so in a melee.

By the way, I like the idea of circular wards on animal skins. Sure, this would block us in one point, but we can usually strike at a distance.

We could also benefit from items like this:

An other item we may find useful would be a device for casting a CrCo spell to speed the healing of injuries

Thought about it too, as I used a similar effect to speed Horst's healing.

Let's say

With the +4 bonus for "healing wounds", mariella could create this as a lesser enchanted item in one season :wink:

Just thought about something:

Obsidian Sword (Just to play around the concept).
Cr(Mu)Te 15
Base 3 (create stone), +1 requisite, +1 diameter duration, +1 touch, +1 elaborate shape

This spell creates a sword of obsidian. The Muto requisite makes it as hard as steel.
The sword function just like a normal sword, save that is is subject to magic resistance. It is one magnitude less than a spell designed to create a steel sword, but this is counterbalanced by needing a requisite.

Our future remparts?

[color=blue]Conjuring the Obsidian Remparts (CrTe 20)
Base 3, + 1 touch, +0 mom, +4 size
As "Wall of Protecting stone", but create a circular wall big enough to encircle a covenant, up to 2500 paces wide, 4 paces high and 1 pace thick.

It would take me 2 seasons to invent this.

Such a ritual would only cost us 4 Terram vis, and would create an impressive black wall around our covenant.
By upping the magnitude to 25, I could probably create a walkaway, although we could easily add one with wood.

Hm. Circular wall. Don't forget to design the spell to leave a hole in that wall :slight_smile:

True Lineages has a very similar spell in the Tremere section , have you looked at that? I can't find my book at the moment

It would be a great improvment to that "Garden wall" you have now. Perhaps it will make the rest of the covenant quite unimpressive?