Designing a magical item effect : personal range


for a saga, i'm designing some great magical item : a sphere of +-30 feets diameter.
The sphere is opened for 40 vim pawns (4 stone pure x 10 size).

I was asking myself if for "personnal range" i can Muto (the spell is to decrease the size by 32 in all directions) all the things inside the sphere [probably: people, material [herbam, animal, corpus, ignem, aquam...] or not?

Because i have the choice between two effects:

MuTe(He, An, Ig, Aq, Co) 85 Rituel (base 40, touch, conc, group, +2 size, +5 requisites) : the sphere is decreased to 30cm diameter. His volume is divided by +-30000.


MuTe 50 (base 40, pers, conc, ind, +1 stone) : the sphere is decreased to 30cm diameter. His volume is divided by +-30000.

Can you give me maybe some existent items answering my question?

Thanks a lot!

Personal / Individual would only affect the stone itself, probably crushing anything inside that doesn't have magic resistance.

You could however declare that the hollow stone sphere counts as a room (which is fair enough really, I'd certainly allow that). Which would make it a Personal / Room spell, as Room can affect both everything inside the room and the walls of the room itself.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you don't necessarily have to add 1 magnitude for each requisite you want to add to a spell, they only tend to add extra if they're doing something unusual and specifically extra to the spell (like a bolt of ice that not only damaged someone, but turned their feet into ice or something like that). Seeing as you're only adding them as casting requisities to affect them with the base level effect, they're not actually adding anything, I'd add +1 magnitude at most, and I'd say it didn't actually require the extra mag personally.

Assuming you're after a handy carriable ball of stone type thing.. I'd also make sure to add in a maintains concentration effect, but you'd still have to worry about it turning huge again every sun(rise/set). Might be worth sucking up a +complexity magnitude for a non regular duration like Until

Don't have book on hand, so can't really stat out an item though.

Another thought on the subject?

Serf's Parma prevents me quoting page - but ISTR that in an enchanted device, the Lab Chapter is quite specific that Personal Range limits effects to those affecting the device itself.

If you want an enchanted Room target, you must live with the extra magnitude of Touch Range. (It's only +1 mag)