Detecting PeIm spells with InIm

Last question for today. InIm spells are used to detect an "image" (Guidelines, ArM5, p. 145) or "illusions" (Discern the Images of Truth andf Falsehood, ArM5, p. 144). So, do they allow you to see a Magus having cast on himself a Veil of Invisibility which, like any PeIm spell, is cast with a view to "destroying (...) images" (Guidelines, ArM5, p. 146)?

In other words, can an image, once destroyed, still be detected?

Thank you for your thoughts on this!

I had thought the same thing but now I think that destroying the species that is emitted by an object is not making an image to be detected. Read up on the sensing and making of illusions in the HoH:S pages 63-66

I'd say you can't detect things that have been PeImed with InIm.

You can't detect water that's been destroyed with InAq.
You can't detect a storm that's been removed with InAu
You can't detect a corpse that's been turned to dust with InCo.

I agree that InIm wouldn't work for this - there's nothing to detect. Now, InVi, on the other hand, could detect the spell which caused the images to disappear in the first place.