Detection spells

I was wondering... do you need the Arcane Connection Range category if you desgn a spell that's working with an AC but that isn't supposed to have a great actual physical range?
For example, a spell that picks out the one person, out of a flock of people (within Voice distance), to whom a shed hair belongs. (Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Conc?)
Could you create a cheaper version of The Inexorable Search, at Sight range, that allowed you to stand on top of a tower and find the owner of the same hair?

And also: How would the two above suggestions function - would the caster be able to point straight at the target immediately, or would he have to "scan" the area like with The Inexorable Search?

And also: What's the detection baseline for Animal? 2 (1 lower than Corpus)?

On the note on Arcane Connections on pg 112, right at the bottom, it mentions specifically that some spells have other ranges, but can require arcane connections to actually use.. .. so I'd say it would be a perfectly fine spell to have a voice spell that only works on someone you have an arcane connection to.

Unsure about the second part of your question though, sorry

Of course, I realize now, to pick out the owner of an AC in a crowd you don't even need Intellego... just use "Embarrassment the Entangled" (MuIm 4 - Base 1 +2 Voice +1 Conc) to turn him pink. Right?

Depends if you want it to be particularly noticeable.. everyone else will also wonder why he turned pink of course ^^

That's a necessary feature; the ruckus raised around him will help make him out :slight_smile: