Devices with Intellego

How do people handle devices with Intellego affects in their games. Do you require some sort of linked power to convey the information to the user? Or do you allow the device to impart the information directly.

For instance, I'm considering a two rings forged to be arcane connections to one another and putting an InTe effect into one to find the other. Now I'm debating whether that should be linked to a CrMe effect to show the wearer where the other ring is or some other trick. (Like a CrIm arrow pointing the way.)


A separate power shouldn't be necessary. The user of the item gains information as the caster of the spell would. Though personally I require that the item must actually be activated by the user for this to work - if an item has an environmental trigger, or a constant effect, the player would have to talk Very fast to get it by me without adding a second power (or requisites) to provide the information.

Imaginem (or Mentem) requisites are another way to go about it. I sometimes do require an Imaginem requisite (but not adding a magnitude) on items that make use of visual (or whatever) sensations on providing their feedback that way (even though literally the requisite is not necessary).