Devils Brigade | 18+ | 6 Hrs/Day Play Time to Apply

Is this spam? It seems like it, but it might be hanging on to some thread of relevancy...
still, creating an account just to advertise a service on another board?

So you think a recruitment post in the GM Looking for Players forum is spam? What world do you live on? Especially considering the game is about to be released... Regardless of your response, we do want people to play with on day one. So if you are interested in playing a multiplayer game with other players let me know...

Hmmm, tinned highly processed meat product.

specifically in the "play by post discussion forum/recruitment: GMs looking for players"
This does not seem to be for a game utilizing the Atlas Games play by post forums, so yes, that would make it spam.

Whether you like it or not, it is where the forum puts the message. There is no other recruitment section. You should learn more about how this forum works... especially if you are going to get so defensive over something that the developers planned.

On a practical note, I don't really understand what you are expecting me to play for 6 hours a day...

I don't generally think people would take issue with you advertising a game here that was being played over discord or roll 20.

Did you stop and think that is because you shouldn't be on here recruiting for off site activities, as clearly defined in the rules, and that Atlas is not required to create a space for you to have free advertising?

[tab][/tab]As a moderator, I must intervene. Silveroak is correct. Nowhere is appropriate to advertise for another web site. If you were recruiting for a saga being played on another site, that would be different. Best case scenario, what you are doing is recruiting people to join a site in hopes of inspiring a saga to spontaneously generate. Worst case, you are blatantly spamming.
[tab][/tab]So I am using my powers to delete the original post linking to this other site.
[tab][/tab]However, I invite you to stick around and get to know our community. Then later, concerning your other site, once you have a saga in mind that you want to run, come back here and recruit for that. Played here, there, wherever. But do not advertise a whole website.