Did Prima Immanola know who Ebroin was?

According to the Societas book, the new and young Primus Ebroin is secretly an orbus mage, renounced from another House.

I have been trying to narrow down Ebroin's identity. From the Societas book, I am given to understand that
a) the new Primus ex Misc is chosen from amongst members of Cad Gadu covenant,
b) the membership of Cad Gadu covenant is controlled/chosen by the current Primus.

Hence Immanola hand picked young Ebroin for Cad Gadu. Possibly very shortly before her Final Twilight. So, did Immanola know Ebroin's secret?
Was Immanola in her right mind when she did this?

Oddly, following the possibilities this opens up, I found an odd possibility that I thought I should share.

Immanola had been making doom and gloom prophecies that didn't seem to be coming true. What if Immanola (or whatever was supplying her Visions) was just waiting for the correct agent to bring them about.
Ebroin could be a Marched magus that Immanola gave sanctuary and new identity to, in the hope he would enact her prophecies.

The identity is deliberately kept vague, but I like the idea that it's either a Tremere or Tytallus being up to no good.

I toyed with the idea of Ebroin being a Path of Strife Criamon on some secret mission to eliminate a particularly dangerous source of disharmony that's prophesied to arise in the Ex Misc ranks sometime soon, but I couldn't find a plausible way around the exceedingly blatant Path of Strife stigmata (yes, Path of Strife probably gets a pass on "Characters who use magic to hide their stigmata are not acting aptly.", but relying on magic to hide something that important for that long in a world where Second Sight exists seems like a fool's errand.

I too had previously considered Ebroin someone who had deliberately snuck into take over House ex Miscellanea.

But then I started thinking how. He had to get past Immanola, the supposedly very good seeress.

While it all depends on how mentally acute, and vision capable she was at the time, and how much prep young Ebroin put into the attempt, it is starting to look like Immanola may have co-operated to install Ebroin.

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My own take on Ebroin was that he is secretly a Diedne descendent, either using his position to search for others like him or laying the groundwork for House Diedne's return.


I'd play that campaign. Either hand Diedne Magic for free to the whole party and have the game be about the Diedne conspiracy or the opposite take with the players hunting down secret Diedne as some kind of inquisition.


Of course, if you check the entire phase space of possibilities how Ebroin ended up as Primus, there is the other extreme - unrelated coincidences and status quo.

Such as: new Orbus Ebroin visits Cad Gadu for some reason (maybe looking for advice where to settle), at the same time as the Covenant needs an active young Magus to do a task. Ebroin accepts being volunteered, does such a good job Cad Gadu retains his services for other jobs the aging Covenant members can't be bothered to do. When Immanola is declared passed, Ebroin who has been helping do many of her duties just keeps on, as no other Covenant member can be bothered to put up their hand for the job.

Still, I prefer to investigate the possibility that Immanola knew what she was doing when she invited Ebroin to Cad Gadu.

Funnily enough, House Flambeau has such a thing as a minor School of Ebroin, though there is no indication this is the same magi we're talking about.

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Ebroin was a visiting Flambeaux from Normandy who met Immanola in Stonehenge after a particularly violent Twilight episode. Immanola thought Ebroin was her grand-nephew and Ebroin with along with it assuming that it was some kind old woman and not thinking she was a maga, who he ran into and trying to be a nice guy, then she introduces him to everyone at Cad Gadu and he is now stuck pretending.