Did Sub Rosa publish anything after issue #22?

Did Sub Rosa publish anything past #22? The Facebook page indicates that 23 was almost ready to go, and a lot of 24 was already done. I'll happily send my $5 for a new issue if it exists in this current reality.

Likewise, I'd love to see another release from Peripheral Code or really any fanzine. I'm starting a new campaign and am always on the hunt for ideas.


Now that I work at Wizards, I’m not allowed to publish other RPG material! I loved making Peripheral Code and the contributing authors did amazing work. I wish there was another fanzine out there, because our community is very prolific and eager to help!


I've dabbled with the idea of making Games From Folktales a fanzine, but I'm not up to it, health wise. Also, it'd be electronic because shipping is a killer from Australia, or I'd need to arrange US/EU/UK print on demand.

I mean, maybe a once-off zine at the tenth anniversary, as a treat., but I can't do it now.


For what it’s worth, I sold Peripheral Code through DriveThru RPG, as a PDF. Pretty clean and simple process.

If anyone out there is thinking about getting into the Ars fanzine game, DM me and I’ll share all the info I’ve got.


I'm not sure about a fanzine, but if I ever catch up on the monsters, and if Atlas gets its open license sorted out, I might put a bestiary up. I'm trying hard not to commit myself to too much as I feel better, which is a trap I tend to fall into. 8)


Although it is a free magazine, Aegis Magazine is written in Spanish. I leave here the link in case anyone might be interested.

P.S. the magazine has already had collaborations from magi from other tribunals, and they have been translated from Italian and English to be published there, so...


We haven't yet. Life gets in the way.

I do have issue 23 more or less there and once we have artwork through then I can get that out

Issue 24 is also along the way with a couple of articles I need to finish up.

The sporadic nature of the magazine means that it's hard to be reliable to contributing writers, so I end up providing much of the content (under pseudonyms, to no-one's surprise), which means I get to be the blocker.

So yeah, we have a couple of issues that will at some point see the light of day.

On the plus side... Next issue has a different take on magus character creation and the one after that has a (I think) pretty cool troll slayer companion to go with that issue's Nordic theme.


Thanks for sharing! I was not aware it existed, and it's a true gem.


#3 is in the pipeline, and will hopefully include some additional materials for the Iberia book. It's still a long way from being finished, though.


Do you call for contribution at some point? And do authors get rewarded? Just wondering...

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we're working on it, but a change of employment and an artist delay combined with kid-related obligations have slowed #23. I will try dedicating some time to it...