Did we ever stat a parrot in the current edition?

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Did we ever stat a parrot in the current edition? I need it for my 30 creatures 30 days thing...

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I think the version in the 4e Medieval Bestiary is the most recent. The word "parrot" is used a small number of times, but never with the statistics for the actual beast.

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Better to stat a parrot than parrot a stat...
No seriously, I can't recall any mention of parrots anywhere in 5th ed. We certainly need stats for one then.
What kind would have been known in ME? Without any useful knowledge, I'm just guessing there are many types and they differ a lot in size.
I assume they would have some Quality regarding their colourful plumes, as well as their ability to mimick

Alexander the great introduced parrots as a pet to Europe, and imported many from India - the Alexandrine parakeet is named for him and were quite popular with the Greeks and Romans later. I imagine this ebbed off in the west but might have been revived by increased contact with the east during the Crusades.

Less common but African grey parrots could also have been in North Africa/Europe through the saharan trade (native to sub-saharan west Africa). They're especially interesting as they are some of the most intelligent birds known - would probably make a great familiar if you could get your hands on one.

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Sorry for being unclear: I was after offical stats.

Thanks for that information though. Did you know a sulphur crested cockatoo appears in a book that belonged to Frederick II? They are only native to Australia and New Guinea, and Frederick is contemporary to the game period.

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Do you have any of those stories but for gorillas or any other big apes? I wanted to do, for a wolf heartbeast bjornaer, a quimerical inner beast that looked like the classical crinos battleform of world of darkness games. The mystery states that it must be 2 animals. Cannot be human and beast mix. But a crossover between a gorilla and a wolf would be golden. It’s a shame that there are not European gorillas.

Not a gorilla but there are monkeys native to Europe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbary_macaque

A lot of the weirdness in the writings of Galen comes from the fact that he used these monkeys for dissection to study anatomy, as dissecting human cadavers would have been taboo at the time. They also seem to have been kept as exotic pets or something similar in Iron age Europe - at the archaeological dig at Navan fort in Ireland they found the remains of a macaque dating back to before the 1st century BC.

As for great apes the absolute closest to Europe they ever ranged would be what is modern Senegal, which is outside of the knowledge of people in Mythic Europe, and depending on the cosmology maybe not even in the mundane world. The only mention of them before the age of exploration I am aware of is from Hanno the Navigator who encountered a tribe of 'hairy women' (Gorillae) which may or may not have been great apes.

I thought there was in LoM, but I was wrong. Sorry.

I knew macaques and they are even stated in one of the books. But a crossover between a macaque and a wolf would be puny. I think I would be better with a bear. You only have to renounce to opposable thumbs.

You could add opposable thumbs when Refining the Inner Heartbeast.

That is quite right. A minor animal quality I suppose.

Even if it isn't one, you could throw in a minor power using MuAn.

Here's a popular summary of a recent study on sulphur crested cockatoos' moxie:

Anyway, these cockatoos are the right stuff for Familiars. Did they sometime stage - on behalf of a "shaman" perhaps - reseach expeditions to Mythic Europe?