Diedne Symbol?

Most of the houses have a symbol... Has the symbol of Diedne ever been indicated? Canon and non-canon answers alike.

Dude, need to get Subrosa 13.

Is there any way of paying other than through paypal? My account has been hacked a few times, so I am now don't trust any communication that purports to come from them :frowning:


There currently isn't. While keep promising ourselves to get the web store online again, that will also likely be PayPal based.

From what I understand of SubRosa 13, it seems as if it is filled with various types that House Diedne could have been, is that correct?

It's pretty easy to tell if the communication from Paypal is legit by hovering over the links in an email. They all need to be checked. Also, using a credit card rather than a bank account is important, as well as a complex password (using 3 or 4 of upper case, lower case, number and special like punctuation) that is long, at least 15 characters are all important considerations for protecting oneself.

I used to use a low tech method of keeping a large number of passwords straight. A simple numbered list in my wallet matching up to an excel spreadsheet of sites listed in a column. That works for about 20, but I'm in the hundreds and have had to go to an app on my phone.

I have a similar problem, I can't pay with my paypal to US businesses as it is bound to a bank account that it placed in a bank placed in the Middle East. Apparently the big USA thinks that I am a terrorist and that my paypal is linked with terrorists. Still after 12 years after 9/11. I can send money to any other country but USA. So no SubRosa 13 for me

Yup. Five (or... well, six, if we include a certain letter) different takes on the same House. You'll have plenty of options to choose from!

I can see about the process for using Amazon Payments, which I've had enabled after a few people have used it to refund failed Kickstarters, but given your concerns, that might not work, either.

If it helps, Dunia, you're not sending to a US business, but to Mark, who's in the UK. We're kind of thing in the internet more than anything.

Otherwise, we can see what other ways we can work out. One thought was to set up a Patreon page.

If you really want to go old school, and send a check or something, we can work something out. I'd rather find ways to get SR into people's hands if they want to read it.


Ah, hopefully it will work then. I will try

Ask your bank office. They tend to offer prepay cards not associated with any account. You charge it with whatever money you want and then can use it for online payments (including paypal) with safety. Beenthere, done that and it works perfectly ok :slight_smile:

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The Order is a bit concerned over your interest in the Diedne also, sister... :wink: