Dies Irae Question

Okay, I know it's not being released until next year, and asking for spoilers is sort of declasse, but I need to know: will there be something like the Black Death showing up in this book? 'Cause it's either I wait for Dies Irae (as if I weren't going to buy it ANYWAY) or I go ahead and buy a PDF of the old Black Death adventure from... what, 2nd edition? 3rd? I think 2nd. But anyway. There it is. No, my players don't read this board. MWAH HAHAHAHAHAH.

Because you aren't going to get an official answer here...

Black Death is given a passing treatment in Art & Academe. Passing as in a sentence, but it is current canon, make of it what you will.

I can't say either way, but I can tell you that Sub Rosa issue 16 has a brilliant article called 1470: After the Plague, written by Mark Shirley. It provides a saga setting in the year 1470 and features an Order of Hermes adapted to society in the wake of The Great Mortality. It's a very clever and efficient piece of work. It might not be quite what you're after but I thought I'd take the opportunity to sing the article's praises.

There are some plague demons in Antagonists...

Ooooooh! Good stuff! Thanks! Like I said, I am certainly buying Dies Irae anyway, but the Sub Rosa article sounds great! I'll check it out. I do wish there were an easier way to GET Sub Rosa, though.


Bob Dillon

Getting Sub Rosa is pretty easy - just a PayPal payment and a while later (I suspect it partly depends on your timezone/when you order) you get emailed the link. Simples.

Let me rephrase - my problem isn't with getting Sub Rosa (though I think, in 2015, it's not too much to expect these things to be available through some sort of web-store interface, rather than the electronic analogue of mail-order), my problem is that when I go to the website, there's nowhere that lets me look at the ToCs from past issues. More than once, I have thought about buying and passed because I don't want what the folks in my part of the woods call "a pig in a poke." A simple page that shows covers of past issues with tables of contents for each would have had me buying much earlier.