Difference beetween Princeps & Disceptator of a Covenant

As the title says. Titles and functions of persons in the Order of Hermes.

Am I right, that both are to "rulers" of a covenant?

My guesses:

  • a Princeps is elected for lifetime and a disceptator for a certain time period, like 7 years.
  • a princeps is inherited, a disceptator elceted ?!
  • princeps is a 5th edition title, diceptator is a 4th ed title?

can u help me?
useful would be a canon list of all titles and functions of the OOH.

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What those titles mean (if they exist) and how they work are specific to each covenant.

A covenant may have a single leader, or they may not.
The title of that leader may be "princeps", or "disceptator", or any of a number of other titles depending on what the people writing the charter for that covenant thought was a good idea.

Such titles are not universally defined or used throughout the Order of Hermes.

Covenants list the following as possible titles for the leader of a covenant:
princeps (first, chief), pontifex
(high priest), imperator (commander-
in-chief), rector (guidesman, gover-
nor), aedilis (aedile), dictator, discepta-
tor (chairman), interpres (spokesman),
ductor (leader)"