how would magi handle dinosours?(fictinial versions are fine,really)

How about rego animal for controlling them??

See dinousours haven't been invented yet, a kind of sour gummi bear in the shape of a dinosaur.

A dinosaur couldn't exist. The bones of dinosaurs would be considered proof of dragons and other monsters. But a creature that is now extinct merely means it didn't make it onto Noah's Ark.

Cladistically, Birds are all Dinosaurs, so he's talking about affecting Birds.

OTOH, neither Dinosaurs, Dinosours, nor Cladistics apply in Mythic Europe...

(Fossils are traces of creatures that died in The Flood...)

pose as a scientist from a dinosaur retirement home called "Jurasic Park" to try to decipher the dinosaurs birthday and steal some peices of eggshell - then go back to the lab and fix the arcane connection and horoscope of the poor bastard only to return to tear down its Might and fry it with CrIg....?

Or maybe they could just spend some years in the lab making a giant magical monkey king to defeat the dinosaur in battle...?

No, no, no. Dinosaurs are obviously Great Beasts. Someone just got greedy with the Increase Size refinements to their Inner Heartbeast. Typical case of overcompensation. :stuck_out_tongue:

ooOOooOooOOOops...! I hope before mentioned fake representative of "Jurasic Park" wont end up having to answer to the Code because of his slaying of the "Beast-formerly-known-as-a-bjornaer".... :open_mouth:

There's a game called GummiWars. Basically you buy huge amounts of candy. All them are given stats such as movement, hit points, soak, and damage. You pick up random things in the house, build a battle field, then amass your armies. The various sides, two or more, have their gummies and hard candies face off. Damage is dealt, deaths are determined. The victor gets to eat the victims dead. Because of this I prefer to play against Chocolates over hard candies.

However Dinosours. Hmmmm, it could redefine how I play GummiWars.

dinosuars could also be mutated animals turned into stone with a impuslive spell(mutoanimal/terram)!

Or a reflexive spell.

oooooooookay.... :unamused:

But to make sense, I think that needs clarification....

Impulsive - do you mean Spontaneous or just someone impulsively casting spells? And what of the mutated? By muto.... or?

And why stone? Whats the idea?

Your asking Abe, 'What's the idea?'

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The boy writes 'impulsively'. Or at least automatically, but an idea suggests... thought, and Abe rarely puts anything thought into what he writes. He just... 'writes'.

yes,I meant spontanious.
sorry about the confution.

And what does turning animals into stone have to do with dinosaurs?

fossils, of course.

You mean dragon bones, right?

yes,sort of.

Sort of? I'm afraid I don't understand you. What are dinosaurs anyway? Dragons I know, I heard there was one in a cave up the river, but dinosaurs? Never heard about them.

think giant lizard.